You want to listen to instant music.

You open the lid of the power case & take out the earbuds.

It only takes a second to turn the Bluetooth on for your smartphone.

Now your earbuds & smartphone should automatically connect.

But what? They are not connecting up. What went wrong? You have to complete the process manually. It’s taking so much time.

To shorten & ease the process, boAt has introduced the IWP technology. But what is it?

What IWP Technology is all about?

IWP technology (Instant wake N’ pair) is a feature that allows users to connect their boAt Airdopes to the last paired device- automatically. As soon as you take the earbuds from the charging case, they will connect to your smartphone or laptop within 5 seconds.

How does it work?

The work process is fairly simple. As soon as you takeout the earbuds, it will start searching for any possible Bluetooth device to which it has been paired in the past. The device can be your smartphone or a laptop. If any such device is found within that range, it connects automatically, without needing a passcode. As simple as that.

If you face any issues while connecting, try resetting your airdopes & make sure it is charged enough.

Enabling IWP

Pairing your Airdopes to your media device via IWP does not need any special process. All you have to do is follow the normal Bluetooth pairing instructions. After you’ve already paired your Airdopes to your media device, the IWP technology will then be enabled automatically.

boAt Airdopes 441 Truly wireless earbuds under 2000
boAT Airdopes 441 supports IWP pairing technology.

What are the benefits of using IWP Technology in boAt Airdopes?

First & foremost, you don’t need to go into the Bluetooth settings every time you want to listen to music or attend calls. It’s more like “plug & play”. All you need to do is, de-couple the earbuds from the charging case & they are ready to use!

Let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose that you get an incoming call. If you want to talk hands-free, just turn the Bluetooth ON on your phone & let it connect to the boAt earbuds. This is the feature I like most as manual intervention is not required anymore.


In conclusion, the IWP technology in boAt earphones is a great addition. It makes the earphones more user friendly & easy to use. This is a great innovation that can benefit consumers in many ways, as we have already discussed.

Do all boAt Airdopes have IWP?

Yes, all the earbuds from boAt come with IWP technology.

I have taken my earbuds out of the power case but they are not connecting.

Make sure:
– Your earbuds & smartphone are within 10 meters range.
– boAt Airdopes are charged enough.
– Bluetooth on your phone/laptop is ON.
– Both devices are in pairing mode. They shouldn’t be connected to any other device already.

What should I do if the IWP feature is not working?

– Try connecting manually.
– Keep the earbuds back in the case & retry.
– Turn off the Bluetooth settings on both devices.
Reset your boAt Airdopes.