We are all using Bluetooth earphones for a while. Sure, the sound quality is not as good as compared to wired earphones, so they keep on improving. When we attend calls or listen to music in crowded areas, the noise creates nuisance. To counter that, boAt have introduced ENx technology in their earphones. But what is ENX technology in the first place?

ENX (Environmental Noise Cancellation) Technology is introduced boAt that uses noise cancelling techniques to improve the sound quality of earphones. This allows users to hear sounds more clearly while also reducing noise levels. It is perfect for users who want to enjoy music & calls without worrying about background noise. With ENX technology, earphones can produce more accurate sound waves and deliver a better listening experience.

How does this impact sound quality?

The Enx technology is a new sound enhancement algorithm that is found in some of the latest earphones on the market. The algorithm was designed to improve audio quality by reducing noise and enhancing details. Some users have reported that the Enx algorithm makes music sound clearer, richer, and more detailed.

While there is no concrete evidence that the Enx improves sound quality over other sound enhancement algorithms, its design may make it more effective at doing so.

To cut the long story short, ENX technology suppresses the surrounding noise & filters them out before the song reaches inside your ear canals.

What are the benefits of using ENx?

noise cancellation- ENx technology

Bluetooth earphones with ENX technology deliver crystal clear music. You don’t feel the sound of the surrounding noise when you are listening to songs. ENX also blocks out external noise and makes you enjoy your music more.

Secondly, when you are on phone calls, it ensures a smooth delivery of your voice via voice calls. ENx Technology-enabled Bluetooth earphones and earbuds suppress the normal background noise in your surroundings and help improve the clarity of your voice, offering crisp & clear hands-free calls.

ENX vs ANC: Which is Better?

ANC stands for Active noise cancellation – it cancels out the noise by generating signals which are exactly opposite to the noise. On the other hand, ENx uses a different method – it suppresses the environmental noise by isolating your ears.

Which Bluetooth Earphones/Earbuds offer this?

As of now, not all earphones come with ENx. boAt Airdopes 141, Airdopes 181 & 281 Pro are a few TWS earbuds which offer the ENX feature. Some boAt Airdopes come with dual mics (4x system) with ENX technology that guarantee you have trusted communication, making it possible to hear as well as speak to others as close to as you.

boAt Airdopes 141 earbuds under 1500 rupees

You should opt for an earphone which offers ENX feature if you need it for office meetings or want to enjoy music & videos without getting distracted by the crowd. Otherwise, this feature shouldn’t matter much to you.

Conclusion | All About ENx

In conclusion, boAt’s ENx technology provides an enjoyable listening experience for users. With its enhanced sound quality, it is perfect for music enthusiasts and everyday users alike. It makes earphones more suitable for hands-free calling too.

Are ENx & ANC same?

No, both are different.

Do all boAt Airdopes offer ENx feature?

No, not every model of boAt earbuds come with ENx technology. Make sure it is mentioned in the specifications if you need it.

Does ENx improves the overall call quality?

Yes, it definitely gives a better calling experience than the rest of Airdopes with no ENx.