The audio technology company Tizum was very meticulous in their release of pair of bluetooth earphones. However, now that they are in the space, they instantly go to the front of the class and sit in the Rs. 2000 price range. To help navigate the growing Indian TWS earphone market, we at Best Bluetooth Earphone have created our Tizum bluetooth earphone review.

The earphones feature a solid construction all around. The vast majority of them are manufactured out of shiny plastic and feel. According to the manufacturer, they have an IPX5 rating for their water resistance. In general, they give off the impression of being fairly sturdy and long-lasting, yet the ear tips give the impression that they may tear because they are rather thin.

Tizum bluetooth earphone

They are highly portable, much like the majority of wireless in-ear earphones. Because of their compact and lightweight design, they may be stored in your pocket with relative ease. It is important to keep them protected while they are on the road, and their carrying case should conveniently fit inside your suitcase. In addition to that, they offer excellent stability. Even though they do not come with stability fins, you should keep them in your ears while you are working out.

Because it allows for great speech intelligibility even in busy settings, the Bluetooth headset is a good choice for occupations that include noisy situations and need for clear wireless communication. An excellent microphone that maintains a high level of intelligibility even in noisy environments.

Features of Tizum Bluetooth Earphones

The Tizum Bluetooth headset is Loaded with a lot of great. The following is a list of some of the beneficial characteristics that these headsets possess:

Superior sound and connectivity

Connecting two devices at the same time, using Bluetooth 4.1 with CSR8635 + EDR APT-X audio decoding technology, and using CVC6.0 Noise canceling gives wireless earbuds unrivaled stereo sound quality with powerful bass as well as HD Voice. Your speech is isolated by noise-canceling technology, which results in improved sound quality.

Sweat-proof and lightweight design

The headset is very lightweight which makes it comfortable to use without causing any heaviness around the ears. Furthermore, it has IPX5 protection which makes it resistant to water splashes and perfect for jogging, gym as well as other outdoor activities. 

Noise reduction

The headset enhances the quality of stereo music and wireless signals while also reducing background noise and providing perfect Hi-Fi stereo sound quality. Even if you’re working out in a loud setting, the finest Bluetooth earphones will envelop you in sonic reproduction of the highest possible quality and clarity.

Strong Battery

The built-in rechargeable strong Li battery has a capacity of 90 mAh, and it offers 6-8 hours of conversation time, eight hours of music play time, as well as 180 hours of standby time. When searching for a new set of wireless earphones, you should give careful consideration to how easy it is to charge them and how long the battery will last before needing to be replaced. When completely charged, the batteries in Tizum headsets have a battery life of around six to eight hours, which is sufficient for the typical, day-to-day usage that most people have for them.

Because there is no direct link with cables, these wireless earphones need to be charged before they can be used. Because of this, battery life is one of the most significant factors to take into consideration when purchasing earphones.

Great packaging: The headset comes in a sturdy and convenient box. The earphones themselves, a Micro-USB cable, three different sizes of earbuds (small, medium, and large), and a user manual are all included in one box.

Pros and Cons

Tizum Bluetooth Earphones’ Pros

  • Good sound and strong connectivity
  • Lightweight design
  • Sweatproof
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Strong built-in battery
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable and durable

Tizum Bluetooth Earphones’ Cons

  • No control app

Why Buy Tizum Bluetooth Earphones?

Freedom: You are no longer bound to your electronic equipment in any way. If you are listening to music or a podcast and have wireless earphones, you can leave your seat, walk up to thirty feet to the refrigerator, or pick up a few of snacks without missing a single word of the performance. Additionally, since there are no cables, joggers can run a 5K in comfort, commuters can get to work quickly, and gamers can play without having to be too near to the TV.

Additional Features

If you like the better things in life, you will find that wireless earphones give in spades. The Tizum Earphones, for instance, are capable of connecting to any voice assistant you want to use. In addition to being resistant to sweat and water, these earphones are equipped with microphones that deliver calls in pristine quality.


Having Bluetooth® connection was formerly considered a premium amenity for electronic gadgets. Bluetooth® connectivity is now expected of all contemporary electronic devices. You won’t be able to connect to old turntables or other similar devices, but you can always buy an A/V receiver and listen to your favorite music via our high-quality speakers.

How Much Do Tizum Bluetooth Earphones Cost?

It should come as no surprise that the Tizum wireless headsets occupy the inexpensive portion of the market. When they first went on sale, they were priced at $10, however, as of October 2022, you may get them for closer to $15. The features that are provided are fantastic and completely make up for the cost of the product. The earphones provide an excellent listening experience, long battery life for their class, excellent noise cancellation for earphones, and remarkable aural reproduction.


The Tizum earphones are a fantastic set of earphones for casual listeners, and they are among the finest on-ear earphones available for less than $50. The battery life is excellent, as shown by the fact that this can last approximately 6 to 8 hours without needing to be recharged. We also like how portable it is and how high-quality the microphone is, both of which are typical strengths for Tizum products. The Tizum Bluetooth earphones indeed have certain flaws, but that can be said about every headset.