realme wireless earphones reviews price in India

Whenever we think about wireless earphones, boAt airdopes comes to our mind in the first place. Certainly, they are the market leaders in audio equipment. Realme wireless earphones is challenging them in recent times.

Today, we will review the best Realme Bluetooth earphones in India which come under 3000, 2000, or even at Rs. 1500. You can buy one of them as per your requirement & budget.

Best Realme Wireless Earphones in India

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1. Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Neckband Earphone (Low latency gaming)

  • Superb audio quality
  • Gaming mode with low latency mode
  • ENC
  • Fast Type-C charging
  • Deep bass

If you are looking for a Bluetooth neckband under 1500 rupees, Realme buds 2 neo is one such option. This lightweight headset makes your listening experience enjoyable.

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Neckband Earphone

Weighing only 23-25 grams, this neckband is extremely flexible & you will never feel it around your neck. Truly wireless experience comes with the true comfort that this earphone offers.

Ever had to stop the music just because you are sweating or caught in light rain? Don’t do that any further because Realme buds wireless 2 Neo comes IPX4 rated splashproof.

This means it’s safe from water splashes, sweat & dust particles. However, I was expecting at least an IPX5 or IPX6 rating as they are the latest ones. Realme has done the cost-cutting on this front.

You do not need to put in manual efforts to connect the headset to the last paired device. With the magnetic instant connectivity, just separate the earbuds when in use, & clip them together when you’re done.

Realme Buds Wireless inline button controls

Coming to the sound quality, Realme earbuds neo has an 11.2 mm dynamic driver. This large driver offers richer & high-quality audio, an immersive listening experience.

The bass boost driver delivers rich & deep bass with highs & lows. With the low latency mode, you enjoy the best gaming experience & web series. Audio & video sync is perfect & instantaneous.

Although Realme buds 2 Neo does not have active noise cancellation, it supports ENC (environmental noise cancellation). It suppresses the surrounding noise around you & ensures a distortion-free HD voice & clearer calls.

Although Realme has not revealed the battery size, you can enjoy up to 17 hours of total playback. The best part is the fast charging. Just plug it in for 10 minutes & use it for the next 120 minutes, at 50% volume.

If you need a Realme buds wireless at the cheapest price, look no further grab it fast.

  • Wireless neckband earphone
  • Lightweight: 25 grams only
  • IPX4 rated waterproof
  • Magnetic switching
  • Multi-device switch
  • HD sound quality
  • Deep bass
  • Environmental noise cancellation
  • 88ms super-low latency
  • 17 hours total playback
  • Fast charging
  • 1 year warranty
  • Old IPX4 rating
  • No active noise cancellation

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2. Realme Buds Wireless Pro with ANC (Massive Playtime)

  • Sony LDAC high-res audio
  • Excellent noise canceling ability (35 dB)
  • Long battery backup with fast charging
  • Low latency & transparency mode
  • Dynamic bass boost (DBB) technology

Do you commute on daily basis but have no courage to turn on the music, because there’s so much noise around you? You need a Bluetooth earphone with active noise cancellation.

realme Buds Wireless Pro earphone

Realme buds wireless pro comes with ANC and of course, with a lot more other benefits. Equipped with Bluetooth v5.0, it offers seamless, stable connectivity up to 10 meters.

It comes lightweight & weighs just 33g, making it simple & comfortable for all day. For running & gym, Realme buds pro is IPX4 rated splashproof and hence. immune to water, sweat & dust.

In this headset, the magnetic instant connect feature is there. Just separate the buds to play the music, & stick them together to take a break.

The in-line button controls enable you to play/pause/skip music, take hands-free calls & access voice assistants.

realme Buds Wireless Pro waterproof eartips

The sound part of Realme buds wireless pro is very interesting. It has a 13.6mm bass boost driver which delivers deep bass, HD sound quality. Just feel the vibe with dynamic bass boost (DBB) technology & rock everywhere.

Realme buds wireless pro has active noise cancellation, which suppresses the noise up to 35 dB. Wanna listen to music & take part in debates with your friends at the same time? The transparency mode allows you to do that also!

Activate gaming mode with the realme link app & enjoy it in high-resolution audio & video. With the latency of just 119 ms, get the best of your favorite series & shows.

Now, battery & charging are equally important for any Bluetooth earphone. Realme buds pro lasts up to 22 hours long after a full charge.

It takes only 1.5 hours to get fully charged. The amazing part is its fast charging ability. Just charge it for 5 minutes, & dive deep into your playlist for the next 100 minutes.

  • 33g lightweight neckband with BT v5.0
  • IPX4 rated waterproof
  • in-line button controls
  • Magnetic on/off feature
  • Quick switch b/w devices
  • 13.6mm bass boost driver
  • ANC & transparency mode
  • High-resolution audio
  • Low latency gaming mode
  • Up to 22 hours backup
  • Fast charging
  • 1-year warranty
  • Old IPX4 rating (no idea why Realme did cost-cutting here)
  • Long charging time (1.5 hours)

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3. Realme buds Q Wireless Earbuds (Active Noise Cancellation)

If you want to live a truly wireless life, without involving a single inch of wire, you must go with wireless earbuds. Realme buds Q might meet your expectations & help you start living a wire-free lifestyle.realme Buds Q2 True Wireless Earbuds (1)

These truly wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth v5.2 chipset, the latest one for seamless connectivity, stability & optimum power utilization.

Yes, this time Realme has not done any cost-cutting, and buds Q earbuds come with an IPX5 rated splashproof design. So your hint for Realme sports Bluetooth earphones ends here.

Hence, they are the perfect companion for gym & sports activities. Each earbud has smart touch-sensitive controls so that you get full control over your listening.

Regardless of what you own, be it a smartphone, iPhone, Laptop, or iPad, Realme Bluetooth earbuds are 100% compatible with each of them.

realme Buds Q2 IPX5 resistant earbuds

The sound quality of these pair of earbuds is commendable. It supports an AAC HD audio codec, which offers superb, clear sound quality out there.

Further, the 10mm bass boost driver delivers powerful & deep bass into the ears. The low latency mode enables you to enjoy the best gaming experience & movies, shows, etc, with proper sync b/w audio & video.

With the marathon battery of Realme buds wireless Q, never bother about running out of battery, ever. With the ANC mode on, it lasts up to 20 hours long & if you’re not a fan of ANC, you get up to 28 hours of playtime.

The compact 480 mAh power case helps you achieve all these. With the fast charging, just put on the earbuds for 10 minutes, & enjoy music for 3 hours long.

  • Truly wireless earbuds
  • IPX5 rated waterproof design
  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Heavy bass
  • Active noise cancellation, ENC
  • Low latency mode
  • Hands-free calls & voice assistant
  • Up to 28 hours of playtime
  • Fast Type-C charging
  • 1-year warranty
  • No volume control
  • No battery indicator on the power case

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Realme Buds Q Review

4. Realme Buds Wireless Neckband Earphone

  • Premium design neckband
  • Comfortable to ears
  • Clear calls
  • IPX4 splashproof
  • 10 hours battery

If you have a limited budget & need a neckband earphone for as low as Rs. 1700, you should be looking at Realme buds wireless earphone.

Realme Buds Wireless Review

This premium headset is made up of skin-friendly silica & premium metal, ensuring comfortability. Keep using it for hours, without paining your ears & mood.

Ergonomically designed earbuds play an equally important role. Also, the magnetic earbuds stick together when not in use, eliminating the chance of twisting or tangling of wires.

The IPX4 coating preserves the headset from water splashes & sweat. We have the button controls as well for complete control over the music & calls. Realme wireless earphone supports magnetic pairing.

Fond of deep bass? The ultra-large 11.2 mm bass boost driver delivers powerful bass. Overall sound quality is far better.

RealMe Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

For office meetings & calls, the inbuilt mic makes your life totally wireless. Audio quality is crystal clear during phone calls & there are no audio lagging issues.

Realme buds wireless earphone comes with a massive 110 mAh battery to power up your music. At 70% volume, we can enjoy music, calls, & movies for 10 hours.

It supports fast charging & takes 1 hour 10 minutes for a full charge. However, it does not support Type-C charging.

  • Attractive neckband earphone with metal finished body
  • IPX4 rated splashproof
  • Lightweight design
  • Magnetic switching
  • In-line button controls
  • Deep bass with a dynamic driver
  • 10+ hours of battery backup
  • Fast charging
  • Crystal clear call quality
  • 1-year warranty
  • Old IPX4 rating
  • No multi-connect support
  • No noise cancellation

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Realme Buds Wireless Review

5. Realme Buds Air Neo TWS Headphones (Top-notch audio)

  • Instant connection with Google fast pair
  • Up to 17 hours of playtime
  • Decent bass
  • Low latency mode
  • Superb sound quality

This set of wireless earbuds is for people who want to enjoy songs with no limits & wires involved. The Bluetooth v5.0 uses a new generation dual-channel wireless technology for fast & stable connectivity.

realme Buds Air Neo True Wireless Headphone

Just take the earbuds out of the box, & they will pair up automatically to the last paired device. Pair it for the pair time, & relax onwards.

The intelligent touch controls are present on both sides of earbuds. Having them, you can play/pause the music, take or reject phone calls & access leading voice assistants.

No Realme Bluetooth earphone is fine until it is lightweight. Realme buds air neo earbuds weigh just a little over 4g, & fit comfortably in the ear canal.

realme Buds Air Neo earbuds

It offers an incredibly rich sound quality with the 13mm large dynamic driver. We get a deep & powerful bass with a sharp treble range.

Switch to the low latency mode with help of the Realme link app. & enjoy lagging free gaming. It facilitates the reduction of latency to just 119ms so that you enjoy watching movies with a perfect sync between audio & video.

Realme buds air neo earbuds deliver a total playback of up to 17 hours long. You get a compact power case where you can keep the earbuds for charging. Earbuds last for 3 hours per charge cycle.

  • Truly wireless earbuds with BT v5.0
  • Lightwright: 4.1g only
  • IPX4 splashproof
  • Touch controls
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Instant auto-connection with Google fast pair
  • Super low latency mode
  • Hands-free calls
  • Voice assistant support
  • Up to 17 hours total battery life
  • Compact charging case
  • 1 year warranty
  • Long charging time (2 hours)
  • No noise cancellation
  • Costly

   check price at amazon

Conclusion | Realme Bluetooth Earphones in India

We are done with the Realme wireless earphones reviews which are the best-selling ones in India. We have excluded a few because they are of poor quality or their price is high than the value.

If you need a Realme neckband earphone, Realme buds pro is a decent choice. For Realme Bluetooth earbuds, Buds Q2 will meet your expectations.

Happy Listening!


  • What is the Realme Bluetooth earphone price in India?

You can check the price of these top 5 best Realme wireless earphones’ price at Amazon-

Realme Bluetooth EarphonesLinks (Amazon)
Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo CHECK PRICE
Realme Buds Wireless Neckband CHECK PRICE
Realme buds Q2s CHECK PRICE
Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds CHECK PRICE
Realme Buds Wireless Pro ANC CHECK PRICE

  • How to turn on Realme buds wireless?

It’s pretty simple. Just long-press the power button & it will wake up. You will hear a confirmation voice message.

  • How to connect Realme Bluetooth earphones to Laptop?

Turn on the Bluetooth on both devices. Search for nearby Bluetooth devices & select your Realme wireless earphone. To learn more, read how to connect a wireless headset to Laptop.

  • How to charge Realme buds wireless?

Connect your headset with the charging cable (either Type-C or USB), in case of the neckband. In the case of truly wireless earbuds, you just need to place them inside the charging case.

  • Are Realme wireless earphones good?

Yes, if you need the best sound quality & bass, they are good. But if you need it for sports, I recommend you look for boAt airdopes or other wireless neckbands.