realme buds q vs boat airdopes 441 comparison

Are you looking for wireless earbuds which give you hours of long battery backup? You might have come across these 2 models- boAt Airdopes 441 & Reamle Buds Q. But which one to buy?

In today’s Realme buds Q vs boAt Airdopes 441 comparison, we will analyze both of them side by side. We will compare their sound quality, design & build quality, and battery backup. So read this short article completely & make the correct buying decision.

boAt Airdopes 441 vs Realme Buds Q Comparison

FeaturesAirdopes 441Realme Buds Q
TypeTWS earbudsTWS earbuds
Bluetooth version5.05.2
Touch controlsYesYes
IWP supportYesYes
Driver size6mm10mm
Battery size (earbuds)43 mAh*240 mAh*2
Battery size (powercase)500 mAh480 mAh
Playtime (fully charged earbuds)5 hrs6 hrs
Total battery backup30 hrs (approx)28 hrs (approx)
Fast chargingNoYes
Warranty1 year1 year

Design & Build Quality

Feature boAt Airdopes 441 Realme Buds Q
Bluetooth version v5.0 v5.2
Is waterproof? Yes, IPX7 Yes, IPX5
Smart touch controls Yes Yes
IWP support? Yes Yes

From the design perspective, we have 2 but significant differences between Realme buds Q & boAt Airdopes 441.

Realme buds Q comes with Bluetooth v5.2 chipset, which is more modern, whereas Airdopes 441 has Bluetooth v5.0 chipset.

actress listening to music with airdopes 441 wireless earbuds_1

So, you will notice less frequent connection dropouts in Realme Q earbuds than boAt 441. Also, the latest Bluetooth version means better stability, connectivity, and best power utilization.

When it comes to being safe from water, sweat & dust, Airdopes 441 is a clear winner. It’s IPX7 rated waterproof, which means there is no room for water or sweat to damage the earbuds.

On the other hand, Realme buds Q are splashproof as well, but with an IPX4 rating. Realme has done cost-cutting here. Remember, a better IP rating = better protection from water.

realme Buds Q2 IPX5 resistant earbuds

Apart from these, both have an instant connect support & smart touch panels to give you better control over music, calls & voice assistants.

Sound Quality

Feature Airdopes 441 Realme Buds Q
HD sound quality? Yes Yes
Driver size 6mm 10mm
Mic & Voice assistant? Yes Yes
Bass quality Average Excellent

When we do Realme buds Q vs boAt Airdopes 441 comparison w.r.t sound quality, both give cut-throat competition to each other.

Both of them offer high-quality, rich HD sound quality. You won’t notice any major difference in the audio quality during hands-free calls & music.

realme Buds Q2 True Wireless Earbuds (1)

However, Realme buds Q has a 10mm driver size, which pours deep & punchy bass to ears. It has far better bass quality than Airdopes 441.

On the other side, boAt 441 has a 6mm driver which offers average bass quality. None of them has noise cancellation feature.

Battery & Charging

Feature Airdopes 441 Realme Buds Q
Battery Size (per earbud) 43 mAh 40 mAh
Charging case 500 mAh 480 mAh
Playtime (per charge cycle) 5 hours 6 hours
Overall playtime 30 hours 28 hours
Fast charging No Yes

This is the part where both Airdopes 441 & Real buds Q fight with each other. The cell size in each earbud is almost the same in both (marginal difference).

When you fully charge the earbuds, you enjoy playtime of 5 hours with boAt 441. Realme Buds Q earbuds offer 1 hour more backup, i.e, 6 hours per charge cycle.Boat TWS 441 Realme Q comes inside a 480 mAh power case, whereas boAt 441 has a 500 mAh big powercase. This big power case is the reason how boAt 441 offers a total of up to 30 hours of total playtime.

However, the Realme buds Q power case is not too behind, & it lasts for almost 28 hours. One more thing I notice is, Realme Q charging case does not have a battery level indicator- only a single LED is there which signifies charging status.

Realme buds Q has a big upper hand over boAt Airdopes 441 because it offers the fast charging feature. But boAt 441 earbuds do not eat too much to charge up.

Closing Thoughts | Realme Buds Q vs boAt 441

After boat Airdopes 441 TWS vs Realme buds Q comparison, you are now aware of every aspect of both.

While they offer almost the same level of sound quality, the IPX7 rating gives Airdopes an edge over Realme Q buds.

They seem to give tough competition when it comes to battery & charging. My opinion is, if you’re looking for wireless earbuds for gym & sports, go with Airdopes 441. If you’re fond of deep bass, Realme buds Q is the best choice.

   airdopes 441 price

   realme buds q price

Happy Listening!


  • Which is better Realme or boat Airdopes?

Both are good brands. But boAt is dedicated to audio products only. Hence, they are specialized in Bluetooth earphones & speakers. On the other hand, Realme is primarily known for smartphones.

  • I need immense battery backup, which one I should buy, boAt 441 or Realme buds Q?

Both are good for battery backup & offer 28-30 hours of total playtime.

  • Which one of them is good for gym & sports?

Undoubtedly Airdopes 441, because it has an IPX7 rating.