Are you looking for a pair of inexpensive wireless earbuds? The brand new pTron pro are genuinely wireless earphones released only recently. These are fantastic for use both inside and outside of the house. Check out our pTron bass buds pro review for additional and more in-depth information regarding these earbuds. In the Indian market for audio products, pTron is one of the audio manufacturers that launch inexpensive TWS and Bluetooth headsets. A couple of months earlier, they had released their pTron pro headphones. These buds were removed as a replacement for the pTron Bassbuds Lite, which featured a design that resembled a stem. Here is our pTron earbuds review.

pTron Earbuds Review
pTron Earbuds Review


The pTron Bassbuds Pro have a design that is comfortable to wear and superior looking. These are incredibly light and feature an ergonomic design that is highly compact. Clear phone calls may be made thanks to the ceramic mic incorporated into each earphone. The headphones support earbuds with touch controls and interoperability with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri. You can make calls and control the music with the multi-function button, allowing you to do so without using your hands. These earbuds come equipped with the most recent version of Bluetooth, version 5.1, and superior technology for robust and consistent connectivity up to a wireless range of 10 meters. It provides rapid, intelligent insta-pair and one-step pairing technology that enables you to pair devices in a short amount of time. Find out how to connect your pTron cluster in this article.

After being linked for the first time, it will automatically connect to the most current device that has been paired with it as soon as the earphones are removed from the charging case in which they were stored.

With the multi-functional key, you can experience without using your hands to choose between songs or accept or decline incoming phone calls. These come equipped with a flat fingerprint touch control panel, making gesture control simple and uncomplicated. If you are interested in other pTron cluster pro features, they come with an IPX4 sweat and splash-resistant coating, meaning they are protected from work and water. These can be utilized during any season (even during the rainy season) without compromising quality.

Sound and the Life of the Battery:

The earbuds have dynamic drivers measuring 8 millimeters and high-quality speakers. The Bluetooth 5.1 connection between the two devices is simple, and the USB Type C plug makes it simple to charge the device. When using the carrying case as a charger, they have a battery life that allows for up to 12 hours of playtime. The charging case is relatively small and is equipped with an LCD monitor. It contains a battery that is 300 mAh in capacity. These will be a perfect option for you if you seek earphones that can be used not only while working but also when participating in other activities such as sports, going to the gym, or working out. 

The ear fins on these earphones come in three sizes to accommodate users of varying head sizes. You can use even just one earpiece at a time if that is required by your situation (solo mode). Because these bass buds are wireless, you won’t have to worry about the wires tangled up in them, which is a common problem with neckband earphones. The earcaps made of silicon provide a calming and fuss-free effect while isolating the wearer from the outside sounds. These TWS earbuds with profound bass Hi-Fi stereo sound effects will provide you with flawlessly matched audio quality if you enjoy viewing movies or videos.

The headphones’ battery barely fell by around forty per cent after I streamed some music and watched videos on YouTube for over two hours. This allows you to monitor two movies in a single sitting. The case usually provides sufficient space to charge your headphones a few times.

Budget all-rounder, but not for Gamers:

The pTron cluster Pro are an excellent overall pair of TWS headphones. Bluetooth 5.0, Touch Controls, a Type-C Port, and an LED display that is simple to read are just some of the valuable features that have been incorporated into this device. The sound quality is excellent for watching movies and listening to music. However, there are problems with phone conversations. In addition to this, there is a noticeable delay in the audio when gaming. Therefore, gamers are required to ignore this.

pTron Earphones Review:

Therefore, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t play a lot of games and doesn’t place a high priority on call quality. After that, you are free to continue using the gadget. If something similar occurs, you have the option to replace the device. After researching this topic in the user reviews available on Amazon, I found that this was the first time anyone else had reported the same mistake. Don’t be concerned about this matter at all.


• Completely cordless earbuds equipped with Bluetooth version 5.1 and a 160 Hz sophisticated processor

• A switch for enslaver and enslaved person (no dropout, fast reconnecting)

• Strong bass

• A USB Type-C cable, as well as additional earcaps, are included in the package.

• Intelligent flat touch control and a one-of-a-kind design that’s been patented.

• Passive noise suppression and dynamic sound driver measuring 8 mm in diameter

• Voice assistants that require one touch

• High-definition microphones for stereophonic call quality

• A total playtime of up to 12 hours (earbuds for 4 hours, charging case for 8 hours).

• Voice assistants that require one touch

• Charging with a Type-C port

• A digital display on the case’s exterior indicates the remaining battery capacity.

• A warranty for one year

pTron Earbuds Review – Conclusion

After reading the review of the pTron pro, it is abundantly evident that these earbuds are ideal for you if you are searching for earphones that are easy on your wallet. Because they have an IPX4 rating, they are suitable for use during physical activities.

Because they have a powerful bass, using this earbud, which is easy on the pocketbook, does not require you to sacrifice the sound quality. The backup battery is outstanding enough to satisfy your requirements in every way. It is highly recommended that you check it out. Earbuds allow for approximately three and a half hours of continuous speaking time or four hours of constant music listening. Combined with the charging case, it offers an additional 8 hours of entertainment. Therefore, the total playtime of the device is 12 hours, and its standby time is 100 hours.