OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z vs Sony WI-XB400 comparison, differences & similarities. Today, everyone is quitting their wired earphones and switching over to a wire-free lifestyle. But having so many options available out there, it becomes a challenging task to choose one earphone over hundreds.

But we have heard you! Today, we are going to compare OnePlus BWZ and Sony WI-XB400 headsets. Both claim to be the best but let’s see who is winning the bet.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z vs Sony WI-XB400 Comparison

FeaturesOnePlus Bullets ZSony WI-XB400
TypeWireless neckbandWireless neckband
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.0
Button controlsYesYes
Driver size9.2mm12mm
Battery sizeNot Specified200 mAh
Total battery backup17 Hours12-13 Hours
Fast chargingYesYes
Charging time40-60 mins180 mins
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Design and fit

Features OnePlus Bullets Z Sony WI-XB400
Bluetooth version v5.0 v5.0
Is it waterproof? Yes, IP55 No
In-line Button controls Yes Yes
Weight 26g 21g
Magnetic housing Yes Yes
Volume control Yes Yes

When we talk about the design & build quality, OnePlus BWZ looks more attractive & premium as compared to Sony WI-XB400. But it’s heavier by 24% than Sony XB400. However, it wouldn’t matter as much as both are lightweight.

oneplus bullets wireless z

The biggest drawback of Sony XB-400 wireless earphones is, it’s not water or dustproof. You can’t use it in the gym or outside if it’s slightly raining. The internal circuitry might get damaged if it comes in contact with water or sweat.

On the other hand, OnePlus Bullets wireless Z provides immunity from water splashes with its IP55 rating. Hence, it has the upper hand when we compare it with Sony XB400.

Sound Quality | Sony XB400 vs OnePlus BWZ

Features OnePlus BWZ Sony WI-XB400
High Quality Sound? Yes Yes
Driver size 9.2mm 12mm
Mic & Voice Assistants Supported Supported
Bass quality Above Average Very Good

Now comes the sound quality. Both Bluetooth headsets offer high quality, rich sound quality. Especially, Sony wireless earphones are well known for their amazing sound quality. Same kind of expertise we can see in Sony WI-XB400.

sony xb 400 review

The driver size is bigger in XB400, resulting in pouring better bass quality than OnePlus BWZ. Though OnePlus Z claims to offer good bass, it lags behind in front of Sony’s XB400.

Lastly, both allow you to enjoy hands-free calls and voice assistants, etc.

Battery & Charging

Features OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Sony WI-XB400
Battery size Not Specified 200 mAh
Charging time 40-60 mins 180 mins
Overall playtime 17 hours 12-13 Hours
Fast charging? Yes Yes

Though OnePlus has not revealed the exact battery size, it lasts for about 17 hours after full size (at 50% volume). On the other hand, Sony WI-XB400 lasts for 12-13 hours maximum.

The OnePlus Bullets wireless Z is a clear winner in terms of battery & charging as it takes 1/3rd times of what the XB400 takes for full charge.

wi xb400 sony price

Both support fast charging technology, but Sony XB400 offer only 60 minutes of playback upon 10 minutes of charging. OnePlus offers way more than that.


Both the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z and Sony WI-XB400 Extra Bass come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which provides stable and reliable wireless connections with compatible devices.


The pricing of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z and Sony WI-XB400 Extra Bass may vary depending on the location and the retailer. However, in general, the Sony WI-XB400 Extra Bass is slightly more expensive than the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. Here are the approximate prices of both earphones on Amazon US as of March 2023:

  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: $29.99 to $49.99
  • Sony WI-XB400 Extra Bass: $59.99 to $69.99

Which Neckband is Best? Sony or OnePlus?

Both Sony and OnePlus offer quality neckband headphones, but which one is best for you will depend on your needs and preferences. Here are some things to consider when comparing the two:


Sound Quality: Sony is known for producing high-quality sound, and their neckband headphones are no exception. They offer extra bass and clear sound quality, making them a good choice for music lovers.

Battery Life: Sony neckband headphones typically offer longer battery life than OnePlus. For example, the Sony WI-C310 has a battery life of up to 15 hours, while the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z has a battery life of up to 20 hours.

Comfort: Sony neckband headphones are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. They also come with different earbud sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


Price: OnePlus neckband headphones are generally more affordable than Sony’s options, making them a good choice for those on a budget.

Features: OnePlus neckband headphones come with some useful features, such as quick charging, magnetic control for easy storage, and fast pairing with OnePlus devices.

Design: OnePlus neckband headphones have a sleek and modern design, which may appeal to those who prioritize aesthetics.

Overall, both Sony and OnePlus offer quality neckband headphones, and the best choice for you will depend on your priorities. If you prioritize sound quality and battery life, Sony may be the better option, while if you prioritize price and features, OnePlus may be the better choice.



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