Jabra Wireless Earbuds Reviews & Price

Are you looking for the Jabra wireless earbuds reviews? Want to get a pair of Jabra truly wireless earbuds for your office?

In the last article, we have discussed the best Skullcandy earbuds to buy. However, if you want to experience the top-notch sound quality & ultimate battery life, you should get a pair of Jabra earbuds.

In this article, we will provide the top-selling Jabra truly wireless earphones which are greatly appreciated & loved by sound enthusiasts.

Best Jabra Bluetooth Earbuds to Buy & Reviews

Wireless earbuds JabraTop FeaturesLinks (Amazon)
Jabra Elite 75t earbudsSound quality & battery CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite Active 65t earbudsDurability & design CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 85tFlasgship product with 6-mic technology CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 3 TWSLong battery backup, deep bass CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds30h playtime & compact design CHECK PRICE
Jabra Evolve 65tUC-certified, MS Teams certified CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 7 Active TWSIP57 waterproof, fit for sports CHECK PRICE

1. Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds (Massive Battery)

  • Top-notch sound quality
  • Marathon battery backup
  • Best for office & meetings
  • Excellent user reviews & ratings

Looking for a pair of Jabra wireless headsets for Microsoft teams? If yes, you should be looking at Jabra Elite 75t earbuds which gives you the best call quality, every time.

It comes with 4-mic call technology for a great hands-free call experience. Get rid of all those audio dropouts which readily happens, otherwise.

Jabra Elite 75t truly wireless Earbuds

Jabra 75t earbuds filter out any unwanted noise coming because of winds & other disruptive noises around you.

Things get even better with the active noise cancellation (ANC). Turn it on using the Jabra sound+ app & filter out the background noise, listen only to what you deserve.

Even if you want to be aware of your surroundings, switch to HearThrough mode via the earbud button. However, there is no built-in noise-cancelling software.

The sound quality of Jabra 75t earbuds are exceptionally great. You get access to a lot of sound profiles in the Jabra sound app.

It has one of the best bass levels in the market. You will definitely love it if you’re a bass lover. But at higher volumes, it overpowers the highs & lows.

Even you need a pair of earbuds for small ears, Jabra 75t is a great fit. It is designed & tested for an ideal fit for every size of ears.

This Jabra wireless headset is rated IP55 for safety against dust & water. Lastly, we cannot skip the battery part which is simply awesome.

Jabra wireless 75t earbuds offer up to 24 hours of battery backup with ANC mode ON. After you fully charge the earbuds, you can enjoy seamless music for approx 5.5 hours.

You can charge the power case with a Type-C charger. However, the playtime is lower in case you listen to music at higher volumes.

But does Jabra 75t have wireless charging? It’s No. Register your gadget at Jabra Sound plus app & get 2 years warranty.

  • Truly wireless earbuds
  • IP55 rated waterproof
  • Secure fit for every ear size
  • Compact & comfort
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Superb sound quality with equalizer settings
  • 4-mic system for best call quality
  • Massive 24 hours playtime
  • 5.5 hours backup per charge cycle
  • Fast Type-C charging
  • 2 years warranty
  • Volume control issues
  • Wireless charging not supported

Verdict: If you need a pair of Jabra wireless headsets for the office phone, look no further & just grab it. Not only about the best calling experience, but you also get the industry’s best sound quality with the Jabra App.

The extra-long battery backup will never let you run out of power while in music mode. Plus, the multiple sound profiles will amaze you, always.

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2. Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earbuds

  • The supreme quality of material & design
  • Ideal for gym, sports & running
  • Fast charging
  • Under 100 Dollars

If you are searching for the best wireless earbuds under $100, Jabra Elite 65t is could be a great choice. It is an upgraded version of the previously launched Jabra 65t TWS.

Equipped with the Bluetooth v5.0 chipset, you get supreme connectivity & stability. Jabra’s 3rd generation Bluetooth stability allows you to take calls & listen to music without any audio dropouts.

Jabra elite active 65t earbuds

These ergonomically designed Jabra earbuds are snug & a secure fit with a great fit to ears. Moreover, Jabra Active 65t earbuds are IP56 rated waterproof, hence safe from dust, water & sweat (ideal for gym & sports).

Just like Jabra 75t, here we have the 4-mic system for best-in-class performance. They can greatly eliminate the hindrance of surrounding noise. Get yourself heard clearly during those teams meetings.

No doubt that Jabra Bluetooth earbuds offer the best sound quality, same we can feel in elite active 65t TWS. Though it has ANC as well, that’s not too powerful.

Additionally, there is bass, but definitely not over-powering. Get instant access to leading voice assistants with the help of buttons.

Jabra elite active 65t charging case

I couldn’t resist praising the top-notch material quality of Jabra 65t TWS. The body of both the power case & individual earbuds is durable.

Lastly, you get up to 15 hours of break-free listening with the pocket-friendly charging case. Too low? No.

The fast charging feature of the 65t earbuds provides you juice for the next 1.5 hours upon charging for just 15 minutes. However, it uses a micro-USB cable, instead of Type-C, which is modern.

But still, I would say, I was expecting more battery backup out of it. Because after all the total playtime depends upon the volume & few other factors.

  • Jabra Bluetooth earbuds with v5.0
  • IP56 rated waterproof design
  • Snug & secure in-ear fit
  • 4-mic technology for best calling experience
  • Personalize your sound with App
  • One-touch voice assistants
  • Up to 15 hours playtime
  • Fast charging
  • Top-notch material quality
  • 2 years warranty
  • Average bass at higher volumes
  • Micro-USB charging instead Tye-C
  • Battery life would be better

Verdict: For people looking for JBL wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $100, 65t couldn’t be any better. You literally get the top class hands-free calling experience with unmatched sound quality.

The Jabra sound+ app is here to choose the sound profile you like to enjoy. Definitely, a must-buy product that is long-lasting with amazing features.

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3. Jabra Elite 85t Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Advanced noise cancellation
  • 6-mic technology
  • Comfort fit
  • Huge battery backup
  • Wireless charging support

Looking for the best noise-cancelling earbuds? Jabra elite 85t is engineered with cutting-edge technology for calls & music with little to no interference of noise.

Jabra Elite 85t with 6-mic system clear calls

This pair of earbuds comes with advanced noise cancellation technology. So that you enjoy an isolated listening experience & clear hands-free calls like never before.

Till now, we have seen in our first two Jabra Bluetooth earbuds is, they have a 4-mic system for calls. To our surprise, Jabra elite 85t comes with 6-microphone call technology with wind protection.

So I don’t need to explain any further how crisp & clear the phone calls are going to be. Additionally, we have 12mm speakers which offer big sound & powerful bass to ears.

Hence, Jabra elite 85t delivers exactly the same amazing sound quality as other Jabra earbuds. It’s simply the best Jabra wireless earbuds with multiple microphones.

Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

What is unique I observed in Jabra elite 85t is its compact & semi-open design. Each earbud consists of pressure-relief vents, oval silicone ear gels so that you’ll never feel you have them in your ears.

Jabra 85t earbuds come with IPX4 rated splashproof design. However, I feel this IPX4 rating is too old.

The earbuds might be safe from sweat & little water splashes, but over-exposure to immense water or liquids is not recommended. it has lower water resistance than Jabra 75t.

Best picked earbuds under $50

Talking about the battery, you get seamless music for a continuous 25 hours with the charging case. Also, get 5.5 hours of playtime per charge cycle of earbuds.

Woke up just now & rushing to the office? Plug the earbuds in the charging case for 15 minutes, & have a pleasant commute with music for up to 1 hour. The good thing is, finally Jabra 85t is upgraded to wireless charging.

  • Jabra Bluetooth earbuds
  • Advanced noise cancellation
  • IPX4 rated splashproof
  • Secure fit with pressure relief vents
  • Sound personalization with myControls
  • 6-mic system for supreme call quality
  • 12mm drivers for powerful bass
  • Up to 25 hours of playtime
  • Fast charging
  • Wireless charging support
  • 2 years warranty
  • Old IPX4 rating
  • Slippery due to their small size
  • Earbuds fall apart while running

Verdict: Jabra elite 85t is highly recommended if you noise cancelling earbuds with amazing sound quality. The ultra-large battery backup is something you will always appreciate.

The best part about Jabra 85t earbuds is their user-friendly design. They are complaint with small ears as well. Further, it supports wireless charging, finally!

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4. Jabra Elite 3 Wireless Earbuds

  • Extra-long battery backup
  • Supreme sound quality
  • Pocket friendly
  • Deep bass

Looking for Jabra wireless earbuds for android? If you are a bass lover & have to check out the newly launched Jabra elite 3, you should definitely do. Apart from the deep bass, we have a lot of things to discuss.

With the 6mm speakers driver & class-leading customizations, you listen only to what you actually deserve. It delivers rich sound quality & deep, powerful bass with clear highs & lows.

Obviously, Jabra has taken care of your office meetings. It comes with the 4-microphone technology for crips & clear calls with no wires involved.

Download the Jabra sound+ app & get access to the various sound customizations. Although Jabra elite 3 does not have active noise cancellation (ANC), it is optimally designed for noise isolation.

It smartly escapes the stray noise signals so that you remain immersed in your music. With no ANC, Jabra has done the actual cost-cutting in the Elite 3 headset.

Jabra Elite 3 in Ear Bluetooth Earbuds

Even if you need to notice what’s going on around you, we have the HearThrough technology. It replays the external sounds.

You can use either earbud, that’s what we can mono mode. Jabra elite 3 is rainproof, thanks to the IP55 protection. Never bother about dust & water coming your way.

Now talking about the battery, Elite 3 earbuds last for 7 hours per charge cycle. It’s sufficient for your entire day.

Further, we have a compact charging case with which we can enjoy seamless music for up to 28 hours. We have one more reason to buy Jabra elite 3, the fast charging.

So, never forcefully turn off your playlist just because it shows a single digit battery in the indicator. Because with Jabra elite 3 earbuds, that’s rarely gonna happen.

  • TWS earbuds with rich & powerful bass
  • 6mm speaker drivers
  • IP55 rated waterproof
  • Sleek design
  • Unique noise isolation
  • 4-mic system for crystal clear calls
  • Up to 28 hours cumulative battery
  • 7 hours playtime per charge cycle
  • Fast charging support
  • 2 years warranty
  • No ANC
  • Less customizations on app

Verdict: If you want to enjoy the industry’s best sound quality at the cheapest price, these new Jabra elite 3 earbuds are the only option. There’re a lot of reasons to go after it, as we have seen already.

However, please avoid it if you need it for noise cancellation. After all, a good set of earbuds at a mouth-watering price, I would say.

   check price at amazon

5. Jabra Elite 7 Pro in-Ear Headphones (New)

  • Advanced technologies implemented for clear calls
  • Huge 30 hours backup
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Latest Bluetooth v5.2 chipset

Jabra is the brand that continuously researches in order to revolutionize call quality, in particular. Their decades of expertise can be observed in their newly launched set of earbuds, Jabra Elite 7 pro.

Having them, you are now exposed to the real freedom of calling with an upgrade. Now we have seen in the previous models that either use 4-mic or 6-mic technology.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds

Jabra elite 7 pro also use the 4-mic system to offer the best call quality, in addition to multisensor voice technology.

The advanced voice pickup sensors (VPUs) detect & cancel the winds or other destructive noise in real-time.

Get rid of all the surrounding noise with just one button click, activating the adjustable active noise cancellation (ANC).

Even if you wish to be aware of your friends, switch to HearThrough mode & play what they just said.

I personally loved the compact design of Elite 7 pro, as compared to other Jabra earbuds available in the market.

Despite implementing the latest advancements, they have optimized it for best fit & maximum comfort. However, there is no info if Jabra elite 7 pro is waterproof.

When we look at the battery of this new Jabra elite 7 pro TWS, there is little to no advancements. Jabra claims that we get up to 30 hours of total playback with the compact charging case.

8 hours of playtime is what you can expect with the fully charged earbuds. And of course, you can enjoy 1-hour of music with just 15 minutes of charge, all credit to fast charging.

  • Jabra earbuds with Bluetooth v5.2
  • 4-mic system for calls
  • ANC & Hearthrough mode
  • Multi-sensor voice technology
  • Immersive sound quality
  • Outstanding comfort
  • 30 hours playtime
  • Fast Type-C charging
  • 2 years warranty
  • No info on waterproof rating
  • Pricing

Verdict: Jabra elite 7 pro is perfect for people who are fond of innovations. This is the latest from Jabra with some unique features never seen before, like multi-sensor voice technology.

With no doubt that sound quality is great, it’s a winning product from the battery & charging perspective. Plus, the Jabra sound+ app provides you with countless features.

   check price at amazon

6. Jabra Evolve 65t Earbuds for Calls

  • 1st UC-certified earbuds
  • Compliant with all leading calling & meeting platforms
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Passive noise cancellation

We have seen the review of Jabra elite 65t earlier. But Jabra evolve 65t comes with improved microphone performance for working professionals.

Jabra Evolve 65t earbuds for microsoft teams

You can connect Jabra evolve 65t to your smartphone or laptop at the same time (multi-connect). Get the superior true-wireless call quality with the 4-mic technology. These earbuds are UC-certified.

Even if you need Jabra wireless earbuds for Microsoft teams, these are the best. Its enhanced technology facilitates fewer connection dropouts.

Not only about office meetings but enjoyment in the form of music is equally important. Jabra evolve 65t is optimized to deliver the supreme sound quality like any other headphones.

Jabra Evolve 65t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Get access to the leading voice assistants with just a single click. Personalise your listening experience with the customizable equalizers at Jabra sound+ app.

Get yourself heard to your colleagues with the active noise cancellation mode on. It blocks out undesirable noise in the background during your calls.

However, I am disappointed with the battery backup of Jabra evolve 65t earbuds. While other Jabra TWS offer up to 25 or even 30 hours of total playtime, evolve 65t lasts only 65 hours.

And you get only 5 hours of playtime per charge cycle. Plus, it does not support modern Type-C charging, but micro USB. Pathetic, I must say.

  • 1st UC-certified wireless earbuds
  • 4-mic system for clear calling for professionals
  • Dual-connectivity
  • Reduced audio droputs
  • HearThrough technology
  • Personalization available
  • Passive Noise cancellation
  • Snug fit
  • 15 hours playtime
  • 5 hours backup per charge cycle
  • 2 years warranty
  • Dramatically less power backup
  • No info if waterproof

Verdict: Jabra evolve 65t are the earbuds that are specially designed for professionals. Apart from the superior calling experience, the Jabra app permits you to customize your overall listening experience.

However, as I said, the battery expectations were not fulfilled as expected. But still, highly recommended if you need a pair of Jabra earbuds for your office & general purposes.

   check price at amazon

7. Jabra Elite 7 Active Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Ultra-compact & durable
  • Best choice for gym
  • ShakeGrip technology
  • Fast Type-C charging

Looking for a pair of Jabra wireless earbuds for running? This newly launched model- Elite 7 active is specially designed to meet your expectations.

While you are pushing hard inside the gym, they stay in place irrespective of your posture or movement. All possible with unique Jabra ShakeGrip technology.

Jabra Elite 7 Active in-Ear Earbuds

But what’s all about ShakeGrip technology? It’s an innovative material that is soft but provides enough grip. It holds the earbuds securely in your ears, with no need for hooks.

Hence, ShakeGrip keeps both the earbuds firmly & tightly in every situation. Apart from that, Jabra elite 7 active earbuds are IP57 rated waterproof & sweatproof.

Other features are similar to other Jabra TWs earbuds which we have already seen. It has the ANC mode & HearThrough mode which makes your workout enjoyable.

Crystal clear call quality is guaranteed with the 4-mic technology & wind protection system. Choose the best sound profile with the personalization available on the Jabra app.

The 6mm speakers deliver a rich, high-quality musical experience. Get access to voice assistants with just one click. Looking for Jabra wireless headset with massive battery life?

Jabra elite 7 active earbuds last for about 8 hours per charge cycle. Additionally, the compact charging case gives a total of approx 30 hours of playtime.

And like other Jabra Bluetooth headphones, it supports fast charging (1-hour backup with 15 minutes of charging).

  • Jabra earbuds for running, gym & sports
  • IP57 waterproof & sweatproof
  • Jabra ShakeGrip technology
  • Powerful & immersive sound
  • Music equalizers
  • Adjustable ANC
  • 4-mic technology
  • 8 hours playtime per charge cycle
  • 30 hours total playtime (fast charging)
  • 2 years warranty
  • Average bass

Verdict: Jabra Elite 7 active earbuds couldn’t have been any better if you need one for your daily workouts. Just take a step forward & grab it, I would say.

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Conclusion | Jabra Wireless Earbuds Price

We are done with the 7 Jabra wireless earbuds reviews which are best-sellers at Amazon. All are great products, especially known for supreme sound quality & calling experience.

If you would like to know our opinion (unbiased), You can go for Jabra Elite 75t which comes in budget. For best calling, choose the flagship product, Jabra 85t. For gym & sports, Elite 7 Active has no alternative.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Jabra Earbuds Good?

Jabra is a brand that comes with unique technologies in the audio products which no other brand does. So definitely, Jabra earbuds are widely loved by the customers for amazing sound quality, noise cancellation, battery & other top-notch features.

  • How to Pair Jabra wireless earbuds?

It’s that simple. Just take the earbuds out & search for the new Bluetooth devices on your device. Select Jabra earbuds & done! Learn more.

  • Skullcandy wireless earbuds vs Jabra, which one is good?

Jabra offers a range of products that are premium. On the other side, Skullcandy wireless earbuds are pocket friendly & usually available for as low as $20-$25.

So definitely, Jabra earbuds are good as compared to Skullcandy.

  • Which Jabra earbuds are best?

Wireless earbuds JabraTop FeaturesLinks (Amazon)
Jabra Elite 75t earbudsSound quality & battery CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite Active 65t earbudsDurability & design CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 85tFlasgship product with 6-mic technology CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 3 TWSLong battery backup, deep bass CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds30h playtime & compact design CHECK PRICE
Jabra Evolve 65tUC-certified, MS Teams certified CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 7 Active TWSIP57 waterproof, fit for sports CHECK PRICE