So, you have purchased the latest model of boAt Airdopes and are now unsure on how to start using them. I got you right, and it’s completely okay because when I had my first set of boAt earbuds, I was in the same dilemma you are in today. Today, we will discuss how to wear boAt Airdopes the right way and troubleshoot if you face any problems in between.

How to Wear boAt Airdopes Correctly?

Step 1: First of all, make sure the earbuds and powercase are charged by at least 30%. We already have a detailed guide on how you can charge boAt Airdopes & power case.

Step 2: Open the charging case and take out the earbuds from it. You may notice a green light blinking for a moment (depending on the model).

Step 3: Look at the earbuds carefully. You will see that each earbud has a label telling you which ear it is made for. The R symbol stands for right ear and L is for left ear. (the R and L labels are on the rubber band and are written in very small fonts) it looks like this:

boat airdopes earbuds left and right

The same kind of symbols can be seen on the power case as well.

Step 4: Now that you have figured out which earbud is for which ear, place them inside your ear-hole respectively (and gently!). Twist them a little for a better grip such that they won’t fall even if you move fast.

How to Wear boAt Airdopes Correctly

Step 5: That’s it! The next step is pairing the earbuds with your smartphone/laptop to stream the music!

What if Earbuds don’t fit your ears?

If they don’t fit your ears properly or it feels uncomfortable to you, first check if you have the correct earbud in your ear. That is, the right marked (R) earbud must be in your right ear only. The same goes for the (L) marked earbud.

If you accidentally exchanged the earbuds, chances are that it will hamper your listening experience. At worst, they will fall out when you take steps quickly and you didn’t even notice it.

Why are boAt Airdopes not working despite wearing them the right way?

After wearing the boAt airdopes, if it doesn’t work the way you expect, it might be possible due to one of the following reasons:

  • The earbuds are not charged & got exhausted.
  • You have not paired the earbuds correctly to your smartphone/laptop.
  • the volume level be at 0%. Increase the same through your phone.
  • Sometimes, it just happens. Just put the earbuds back in the power case, close the lid and start afresh.
  • Reset the boAt airdopes if everything seems okay but you still face the problem.

Are BoAt Airdopes comfortable?

I have been using boAt Airdopes 441 Pro since last year. By far, they feel quite comfortable to me. They come ergonomically designed & are splash proof so you can use them anywhere. you want. However, if you listen to music for 3-4 hours non-stop, it might induce some pain in your ears.

Do BoAt Airdopes fall off?

Each pair of boat airdopes comes with 3 pairs of extra ear-times. This is provided by the company to ensure that it fits every ear-size well. For small ears, you have to use smaller ear-tips and so on. If the earbuds fit tightly into your ears, they won’t fall apart so easily.

You can go for a walk, or handle the tasks inside your home with music ON. But if you run very fast or ride a bike with Airdopes in your ears, they might fall apart.