You have purchased a new pair of earbuds (probably for the first time) & now wondering how I should start using it. You are not alone, and even I was in the same situation a couple of years ago. The feeling of a newbie before using the TWS earbuds for the first time is really painful, so I have written this guide on how to use TWS earbuds the right way & without seeking anybody’s help!

What is TWS in Earbuds?

boAt Airdopes 175 Wireless Earbuds

TWS stands for “True wireless stereo”. This technology allows you to connect your smartphone or laptop to earbuds wirelessly. Since there are no wires involved, you get complete flexibility to use them without any hassle.

How to Use TWS Earbuds?

Before you start using your earbuds, you need to do four things: Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone & earbuds, pair the earbuds with your device, wear them & start playing the music. Let’s discuss each step in detail.

1. Connecting Bluetooth earbuds to Phone

I have written a detailed article on how to connect any Bluetooth earphones to a phone or laptop. First of all, turn on the Bluetooth functionality of your smartphone. For Bluetooth earbuds, this can be done by taking them out of the charging case.

2. Pairing TWS earbuds to Phone or laptop

Now that your phone & earbuds have already Bluetooth turned ON, it’s time to pair them up. Start searching for new devices on your phone/laptop. Once you find the earbuds, tap its name & complete the pairing process.

3. Wear the earbuds

How to Wear boAt Airdopes Correctly

How to wear TWS earbuds? Most people couldn’t decide this simple thing. A few things you need to keep in mind are:

  • Choose the best-fit ear tips: This will make your listening experience comfortable. You won’t feel ear-pain even after long listening hours.
  • Clean the earbuds before use: Cleaning wireless earbuds will pour the best sound quality into your ear-canals. You can use soft cloth to do this-but do it carefully.
  • Clean your ears: Yes, keeping your ears neat & clean is equally important. You can do it using a wet cloth. (Do it gently!)
  • Wear the earbuds: Now you can wear the TWS earbuds by pushing ear-tips inside your ears. If it’s too tight, consider using a bigger ear-tip. (refer to the packaging box, the manufacturer must have supplied additional ear-tips).

4. Start the Music!

Howdy! You are all set to stream your first song with your new TWS earbuds. Open your favorite music app – Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud & try playing any song for testing purposes.


  1. How to pair TWS earbuds together?

    Take both the earbuds out of the charging case at the same time. Connect & pair them to a laptop or phone. This way, both earbuds will get connected together.

  2. Why don’t my TWS earbuds work?

    This could happen due to many reasons. Try checking if your earbuds are within the Bluetooth range or not. Next, check if the phone is connected to the earbuds. If it’s still not working, try a reset.

  3. Are TWS earbuds waterproof?

    Most of the TWS earbuds are splash proof. If the rating is IPX5 or less, they are safe from light water splashes or sweat. If it is IPX7 or above, they can withstand water.

  4. How to set up TWS wireless earbuds?

    a. Open the power case & take the earbuds out.b. Connect the earbuds to the phone.c. Start the music!

  5. How do you use both TWS earbuds at once?

    By default, both the earbuds will get paired up. If you only want to use one, keep the other back in the power case. If not, you can continue using both TWS earbuds at once.