If you are also a comfort-loving consumer, then you must be taking benefits fully from TWS technology. There is no doubt that wireless earbuds have eliminated the hassle of adjusting tangled wires and being tethered to a device while doing other chores. Bluetooth connectivity indeed seems like wizardry. Here we show you to use your QUDO true wireless earphones.

Furthermore, we can rely on different brands to get the same quality that corded headphones give. However, all company’s earbuds have different operations, features, and quality. Therefore, it is better to get relevant information before you get any pair.

In this article, we will talk about QUDO true wireless earphones and how we can use them. They are a reliable pair, providing users with superior performance and creating functional tools, making them suitable for tertiary students, the home office, and micro-businesses.

Well, there are some steps to follow in how to use QUDO true wireless earphones. Let’s get the ball rolling.

How to use QUDO wireless earphones

Pairing the Earbuds 

  • First, you must pair the earphones by removing one piece from the charging case. Then press and hold the multi-functional button until you simultaneously see the indicator lighting up in red and blue. After that, it enters the pairing mode. 
  • You must ensure you have switched Bluetooth to “on” on a smartphone’s setting. Then select “QDSLTMC12B” from the available list to pair.
  • Once pairing is accomplished, the indicator will flash blue on the side of the earphone. 
  • You will see the Bluetooth status on a mobile screen as ‘connected’ under the name “QDSLTMC12B”.
  • You do the same procedure with the second piece. Once the pairing is successful, the indicator will shine in blue with a beep tone.
  • Now you can use both earbuds as a stereo pair of earphones
  • Besides that, you can control the sound volume from a mobile.

How To Turn Off the Earbuds? 

  • To turn off the QUDO true wireless earbuds, press and hold the multi-functional button on either earphone until the indicator flashes in red with a ‘disconnected’ sound prompt. 
  • Both earbuds will be turned off together. 
  • Put the pair back into the charging case. 

Can You Use an Earbud Individually? 

  • You can also use one piece at a time. Take out either side earphone from the charging case. Then, press and hold the multi-functional button until there is a blue light indicator. 
  • Turn on your mobile device’s Bluetooth option and look for the name “QDSLTMC12B” and allow your device to get connected. 
  • You will see “Connected” under “QDSLTMC12B” once the connection is successful. 

Using Earbuds to Answer Phone Calls

  • When a phone call gets connected, the sound of a beep for an incoming call will go off. Press the multi-functional button once to attend the call. 
  • Press it again gently to end or decline the call. 

Note: Only left-side earbuds work for phone calls.

Enjoy Your Favourite Playlist

It feels fantastic to listen to music without the obstructive nuisance of cords and cables. QUDO earphones allow you to enjoy your favorite songs. 

  • Follow the same procedure to get your device connected. Press the multi-function button once to pause the music and press it again if to resume. 
  • You can press the multi-function button twice during music playback to skip to the next soundtrack.
  • Besides that, you can adjust the music volume through the volume control keys on the phone.

How To Initially Charge The QUDO Earbuds?

  • Place both earbuds inside the charging case and then connect the case to a workable USB power source through a charging cable. 
  • The QUDO earbuds will be ready to use once all four power indicators give light to the back of the charging case. The lights are solid blue.
  • It takes approximately 2.5 hours to get fully charged.

How to Recharge the Earbuds or Charge the Case? 

  • Put the earbuds inside the charging case. The indicators on the earbuds will light up in red when the charging process starts. 
  • The red indicator light on the earbuds will be “on” throughout the charging process and turn blue.
  • Then turn off once when both earbuds are fully charged, which takes 1 hour approximately. 
  • Moreover, the charging time may vary based on the battery remaining in the charging case.
  • You can also check the battery percentage of the charging case by pressing the “check battery” button inside the charging case. It shows the battery level on the back of the charging case. 
  • Recharge the charging case by connecting the USB charging cable to the charging port on the back of the case and the other end of a USB power source. 
  • It takes around 2.5 hours.

Final Words 

Since people opt for portable, hassle-free, and light technology devices, wireless earbuds are a great addition. Although it is crucial to research and know the usage of any device before getting one, thus we have brought a comprehensive guide. 

In this article, we discussed how to use QUDO true wireless earphones. I hope this works for the ones who have just picked a pair and brought them home.