Are you wondering on how to switch off boAt Airdopes? If yes, this article is for you. We have explained in great detail how to turn off boAt earbuds and powercase easily. Regardless of which model you use, the process is the same for all of them.

How to Turn off boAt Airdopes?

There are two methods to power off the boAt Airdopes. We will see both of them one by one:

Method 1:

1. Each earbud has a touch sensitive area which is used to play/pause or skip the track. This is also called smart touch controls and are the outer surface area of earbuds. The sensitive panel blinks blue and green light occasionally.

boat airdopes with glowing LED

2. Gently touch and hold the control area for at least 5-7 seconds and you will notice a beep sound coming from the earbud. At the same time, red & green lights will blink from it for 1-2s. If it is, then the earbuds have been switched off.

3. Repeat the same process for the other earbud, or you can simultaneously touch & hold both the earbuds to turn them off together.

How to Switch Off boAt Airdopes

4. Place the boAt airdopes inside the powercase for charging & storage. Learn how to charge boAt airdopes & powercase here.

Method 2:

This method of switching off boAt airdopes is even simpler. Just take out both the earbuds from your ears and keep them inside the charging case. They will automatically disconnect.

However, I have observed that in boAt airdopes 441 Pro, what happens sometimes is that Airdopes start charging but they are still connected to your phone/laptop. So I recommend you to follow method 1.

How to Disconnect boAt Airdopes?

Do you want to disconnect the airdopes but don’t want to switch it off completely? To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Simply turn off the Bluetooth of your phone/laptop or the device to which the airdopes are connected. This will automatically leave boAt airdopes as unpaired.
  • Keep the Airdopes back inside the charging case. This should disconnect them from the device but this method is not foolproof (as stated earlier).

How To Charge boAt Airdopes

Why boAt Airdopes case lights not turning off?

LEDs outside the charging case indicate the battery level and charging status of earbuds. After placing boAt airdopes inside if you see that the left-most and right-most LEDs are glowing, that means the earbuds are still charging. After they are 100% charged, the two LEDs will turn off automatically.

How do I turn off boAt Airdopes case lights?

To answer it simply, turning off the Airdopes lights manually is not possible. You have to wait about 45-60 minutes until the airdopes inside are fully charged.

boAt airdopes charging indicator

Do these Methods Work in All boAt Airdopes Models?

Yes, of course, switching off or turning off any of the Airdopes models works the same way. Be it boAt 441 pro, 141, 131 or 121v2, you can follow the exact same steps & see it working.