Do you own a Boult Bluetooth earphone but it is causing issues nowadays? If yes, you are in the right place. Today, we are going to explain how to reset Boult Bluetooth earphones correctly & that too within 60 seconds.

When we use any Bluetooth earphone for 6 months or so, it starts giving us problems. Common technical issues like pairing problems, auto turn off, slow charging, auto disconnections, one side not working are some of them. If you reset your earphones, most of these problems get solved easily, without the need of a technician.

How to Reset Boult Bluetooth Earphones?

Reasons Behind the Need for Resetting Boult Earphones

  • One of the earbuds stopped working.
  • Your earphones keep disconnecting every 10 minutes.
  • It charges too slowly (or not at all!).
  • Hard time with the pairing process with a laptop/smartphone.
  • It doesn’t work during hands-free calls.
  • Pairing process is complete but no audio is coming out of it. (It’s not louder than before)
  • Any other peculiar problems you are facing.

Reset Boult Bluetooth Earphones in 4 Steps

You need to take care of a few things before you start the reset of your Boult wireless earphones. These are the pre-conditions:

1. Disconnect the Earphone: Unpair your Boult earphones from any device it might have connected to. Check your smartphone, laptop, or any other device & make sure none of them are connected to your earphones.

2. Keep it Charged: Resetting won’t complete if the earphone has no charge left (check the battery percentage). So before that, you need to charge it in for at least 10-15 minutes. Doing this will help you play safe & smooth resetting process.

3. Turn off the Earphone: Yes, especially for Boult Bluetooth earphones, resetting can’t happen if it is turned on. So, turn it off by pressing the power button.

4. Reset it!: You are now fully prepared with the reset process. Just press & hold the power button for 5 seconds. By doing this, you’ll see Blue & Red LED lights glow up. This confirms the reset of Boult Bluetooth earphones.

If your problem is still unresolved, I have written a detailed article which talks about repairing Bluetooth earphones.


In this article we have covered the resetting process of Boult Bluetooth earphones. If you own one, you might have your earphones reset by now.

Do you have a different Boult earphone model (like ZCharge, X Probass CurvePro, ProBass X1-L)?You can follow the above steps one-by-one & see if it works. If not, you may need to refer to the user-manual to find the exact reset procedure. You may reach out to Boult customer support if the problem is still there.

I have a boAt Earphone. Show me how to reset boAt Airdopes.

How to Reset Boult Bluetooth Earphones?

It’s simple. Just press & hold the power button for 5 seconds & it will reset your earphones. instantly.

I have followed the steps above but the reset is not done.

If so, you can refer to the user manual to know the exact steps to reset your Boult headset. The process might vary from model to model, but most of the time it remains the same.

My Boult wireless earphones have been reset, but the problem is not resolved yet. What should I do?

You can contact Boult customer support. Also, if your earphones are under warranty, it is best to claim a replacement.