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Bluetooth TWS earbuds have become quite popular in the last couple of years in India. With this gaining popularity, they have become a matter of concern for few people at same time. This is because of the pain they induce to the ears over a long time. In fact, it’s a problem that affects almost everyone in the world, at least once. That’s because there are a lot of different types of earbuds out there, and they’re all designed to be comfortable for one person, but not for another. In this guide, we are going to cover how to make earbuds more comfortable than before without spending any money.

Why are earbuds so uncomfortable?

The reason why earbuds are uncomfortable is because of the shape of the earbuds. They are made to fit in the ear of the person who is wearing them, and that means they have to be shaped like the human ear. That’s why they are uncomfortable for some people. It’s not just the earbuds themselves that cause discomfort, but the way that they are put into your ears as well.

To solve this problem, you need to try and find a pair of earbuds that are comfortable for you. You can do this by trying on a few different pairs of earbuds before you buy them. This will help you to make sure that the earbuds are comfortable for you.

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Secondly, you have to make sure the ear-tips you’re using are of the right size. In other words, the earbuds are not the culprit behind the discomfort, all the time. Choosing the right ear-tip size (Small/Medium/Large) is equally important as per your ear size. 

5 Tips to Make Your Earbuds More Comfortable

1. Don’t play loud music: Streaming music at 100% volume not only induces ear-pain, but is responsible for creating hearing problems in the longer run. It’s advised not to play music at full volume as this can be harmful to your ears.

So, how do you make your earbuds less painful? Playing music at a lower volume is more beneficial to your ears and can help to improve your hearing in the longer run.

2. Use a smaller, less-thick pair of earbuds: If you have tried a pair of earbuds that are too big for your ears and don’t provide the comfort you need, try a smaller, less-thick pair. You can also change the type of material used to make the earbuds. If you like, you can use cotton or wool. Using a pair of earbuds with silicone tips is a great way to provide more comfort.


3. Don’t wear them for too long: If you have been wearing earbuds for a while, they will get uncomfortable after a while. If you are feeling discomfort after wearing your earbuds for a while, it is probably time to take them off. This will help prevent the earbuds from getting uncomfortable.

4. Keep them clean: It is important to keep your earbuds clean. This will help to prevent bacteria from growing and causing an infection. You can use alcohol wipes to clean them. You can refer to this article from Headphonesty to learn more about the cleaning process of earbuds.

5. Use a new pair of earbuds every 6 months: You should replace the earbuds in your ear once every 6 months. This will ensure that they don’t get damaged or fall out of your ear. And before you purchase a new pair of earbuds, prefer ergonomically designed earbuds rather than going after plastic-built ones.

Can I Wear Earbuds to Bed?

Yes, you can wear earbuds to bed as long as they are not blocking your ears. Most earbuds are designed not to block your ears, so they should be fine to wear to bed. However, if you are concerned about potential ear blocking, you can check the earbuds’ design before using them to bed.

How to deal with Earbuds’ suction feeling?

If you don’t want to use earbuds because of the feeling of suction, you can try to put some drops of oil into the earbud. This will help make it feel less tight.

Conclusion | How to make earbuds more comfortable?

In conclusion, the best earbuds are the ones that fit well and stay in place. Earbuds that don’t fit well tend to fall out or move around, which can cause discomfort. When you’re looking for a new pair of earbuds, you’ll want to consider the following: how well they fit your ears, how comfortable they feel, how durable they are, and how they sound. I hope you have found this tutorial helpful & you now know how to make earbuds more comfortable.