Have you ever wondered how to increase the battery life of Bluetooth earphones? Of course, we all have. I mean, who wants to go back to the age where you carry charging cables around with you when going out?

Most people complain about their Bluetooth headsets’ short battery life. I used to think that Bluetooth earphones were just like that. But after doing some research I’ve found a few tricks which will prolong the life of your wireless earphones and make them work like new again.

how to increase the battery life of Bluetooth earphones?

Why is My Bluetooth Earphones Battery Running Out so Quickly?

We have all been there, your wireless earphones are going great until suddenly the battery runs out and you don’t have a charger on you. What is it that causes batteries to die so quickly? Is it because we use them too much or because they run out of juice at the wrong time?

There are a few reasons why your Bluetooth earphones battery might be running out so quickly. The most common of these is that you will have the volume on your earphones turned up too high. It is also possible that there is an issue with the Bluetooth signal and your phone or tablet.

Trying to listen to music with the volume on too high is one of the primary reasons why your battery might be draining quickly. If you are listening to music with earphones, then it is likely that you will have the volume on your device turned up quite loud in order to hear it properly.

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It can be tempting to do this if you find yourself having trouble hearing what you are listening to – and sometimes, especially in noisy environments, this can be necessary – but it is not good for your earphones’ battery life.

The other main reason your Bluetooth earphones battery is draining quickly is because of the way that you are using them. If people tend to move around when they listen to music, then the Bluetooth signal can become interrupted and this will drain the battery at a faster rate.

Try not to move around too much when you have connected your earphones into your device, as this will drain them even faster!

How Can I Improve The Battery Life of My Bluetooth Earphones?

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While there is no hard and fast rule to improve the battery life of wireless earphones overnight, there’re always a couple of tips you can follow. Following these 7 simple stuff would surely result in the revamped battery of your Bluetooth earphones:

1. Check the software of your Bluetooth earphone

Bluetooth earphones run on the Bluetooth protocol. As of 2022, most BT enabled gadgets to come with Bluetooth v5.0 or above. The latest Bluetooth version is what your earphones should use.

Bluetooth v5.0 (or more) ensures the best power utilisation, in addition to improved connectivity. Hence, avoid buying any Bluetooth earphones (or any other device) coming with Bluetooth software older than v5.0.

2. Adjust the volume settings on your wireless headset

Most Bluetooth earphones last longer and provide the best battery backup when used at 70% volume. So from now, avoid playing music at 90% or 100% volume. It won’t only prevent the quick discharging of the battery, but you will mark yourself safe from hearing impairment.

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On the other hand, don’t listen to music at ultra-low volumes, say 5%. Most manufacturers are able to prove that wireless earphones playtime is improved at 60-70% volume, not the other way around.

3. Turn off Bluetooth when it is not in use.

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Does Bluetooth affect battery life? The Bluetooth system constantly transmits information to nearby Bluetooth devices, even if they are not in use.

The only time you will need to have your Bluetooth on is when you are using a device that uses Bluetooth.

Once you are finished with your Bluetooth earphone or earbuds, be sure to turn off Bluetooth so it does not continue to drain your battery. Just remember, every time you use your Bluetooth, it’s using up battery life!

4. Avoid using Bluetooth earphones for long conversations

Wanna make most of your Bluetooth earphones’ battery? Stop using them for prolonged voice calling! Voice calls drain the battery of wireless earphones faster than music or songs. So, be careful not to use Bluetooth earphones in long conversations.

Avoid using Bluetooth earphones for long conversations

The battery will just last only for a couple of hours. You can charge it after every two to three hours of conversation. Bluetooth technology is a great way to connect your smartphone with other devices for listening to music or making calls.

However, these devices have a battery time of only 6 hours, so if you are planning to use them for long conversations, you need to keep the earphones with you at all times so that you can charge them. Travels a lot? Check the list of best Bluetooth earphones with longer battery life instead.

5. Charge your battery properly for a long-lasting life span

The next thing you should do if your earbuds are draining quickly is to make sure that you’re charging them correctly.

One of the most common mistakes people make when charging a battery is to leave it in while it’s still connected to a power source. This happens mostly with neckbands, not with truly wireless earbuds.

Leaving a battery on charge while it’s still being used can damage its capacity, which means you’ll have to charge it more often, which can lead to faster overall drain and shorter periods of charge over time.

6. Avoid pairing multiple Bluetooth devices with your earphone

The next tip to increase the battery life of Bluetooth earphones is not to use multiple devices at once. This may sound obvious, but many people make this mistake when they purchase a new pair of headphones.

If you have more than one Bluetooth device in use at any given time then this will drain the battery quicker than normal. So if you want to extend their battery life then remember not to pair them with multiple devices at once.

7. Deactivate noise cancellation features & save battery

The “noise-cancelling” feature of your Bluetooth headphone consumes more power than other activities.

If you want to save battery, turn off the active noise cancelling and listen to the music directly. To do so, press and hold the noise-cancelling button on your Bluetooth headset until you hear two beeps. After that, you can enjoy your music without the noise-cancelling function.

Noise cancellation works by using microphones to listen to ambient sound and then cancel it out of the audio feed that goes into your ear for a better listening experience.

If you turn off this feature, you will hear more ambient sound from your environment but it will also cause your battery life to last longer.

Conclusion | Increasing Battery of Bluetooth Earphones

These tips may not extend your Bluetooth earphone’s battery life indefinitely – in fact, only certain things on this list will provide noticeable results.

But with these tips, you can squeeze more battery life out of your earphones and make them last longer. That being said, there is no substitute for a reliable case, especially if you travel frequently.

So we can conclude that the main reason for the decrease in the power of Bluetooth earphones is their connection with your phone.

It means that the more you are connected to your phone, the less battery life will you have. But it is pretty easy to fix this problem. Do not connect your Bluetooth to your phone when you’re not using them.

So, battery life isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem. If you’re having issues, there are plenty of ways to mitigate them you just have to take the time to pinpoint the issue and find out what is draining your device.