A lot of people are now quitting their wired earphones and opting for Bluetooth earphones and earbuds. The convenience they offer is unmatchable. All Bluetooth headsets come with inbuilt batteries which acts as a source of power. But many new people have asked me how to check battery percentage of Bluetooth earphones. Today, I’m going to cover the same.

Checking Battery Levels on Your Smartphone

You can follow these simple steps to know the battery percentage if your Bluetooth earphone (or earbuds) are connected to your smartphone:

Step 1: Make sure the Bluetooth earphone is connected properly to your phone & it’s active.

Step 2: Go to Phone Settings->Bluetooth. Alternatively, you slide upwards in the home screen & hold the Bluetooth icon. It will take you to the phone’s Bluetooth settings.

open Bluetooth on smartphone

Step 3: Here you’ll see the Bluetooth earphone or earbuds which connected. Against the name, you can see the percentage level (see screenshot below).

How to Check Battery Percentage of Bluetooth Earphones on smartphone

Few smartphone models display the remaining battery of Bluetooth earphones in percentage in the top bar- something near network status.

Steps to Know the Battery Percentage on Laptop

how to check the battery percentage of Bluetooth headphones on PC or laptops? Here we go…

Step 1: Search for “Bluetooth” in the search box. Select “Bluetooth & other devices settings. It will open the Bluetooth settings window on your laptop.

Pro Tip: You can open the Bluetooth settings by clicking the notification icon in the status bar and right-click on the Bluetooth section->Go to Settings.

open Bluetooth settings on your laptop and PC

Step 2: Pair & connect the Bluetooth earphone (or earbuds) if not already done. After the connection is successful, your device will show up on this screen.

Step 3: Click on your Bluetooth earphone name and it should reveal the battery percentage like this:

know battery level of wireless earphones on PC and laptop

How to Check the Battery Percentage of Power Case?

how to see wireless earbuds battery if it uses a power case? Most people want to enjoy a truly wireless life. So they prefer using truly wireless earbuds instead of neckbands. By the methods I have explained above, you can check the real-time battery level of your neckbands or earbuds. But what about the charging case?

Charging cases come with LEDs, generally, 3 or 4 LEDs are there. More number of LEDs glowing means more battery level. To know the remaining battery of the power case, you can refer to the number of LEDs glowing after you press the button provided somewhere on the charging case.

boat airdopes 441 pro powercase design

2 LEDs are glowing in this picture.

Here’s a simple calculation for boAt Airdopes 441 Pro which I personally use:

If all 4 LEDs glow: the battery percentage is somewhere between 75 to 100%.

If 3 LEDs glow: the battery percentage is somewhere between 50 to 74%.

If 2 LEDs glow: the battery percentage is somewhere between 25 to 49%.

If only 1 LED glow: the battery percentage is somewhere between 1 to 24%. You need to plug in the charger as soon as possible.

Nowadays, few brands in India are offering innovative charging cases with digital display of battery level, and it looks like this:

boat airdopes 121v2 power case digital display

83% battery remaining in the power case


It’s never a bad idea to check the battery life of your wireless earphones as often as possible. In addition to saving you an unnecessary headache when it becomes suddenly clear that you have no more juice on your headphones, doing so can also help you avoid draining your battery by leaving your device and headset connected for prolonged periods of time.

If you love working out with music by streaming your favourites with Bluetooth earphones, you will love these tricks. You can check the battery percentage of your Bluetooth earphones to get an estimated time to work out.

We hope this article helped you to find a way on how to check the battery percentage of Bluetooth earphones. If you have any questions, please, leave them in the comments below.