Have you recently bought a pair of boAt wireless earbuds? If you’re using them for the first time, chances are that you are confused on how to charge boAt Airdopes the right way. I have been using boAt 441 Pro for the last 20 months and I must say that charging any model of boAt Airdopes is extremely simple & easy!

Boat TWS 441

Before Charging boAt Airdopes

First of all, these are the things you will need in order to start charging your boat wireless Airdopes:

  • Charging case
  • Earbuds
  • Mobile charger adapter (more on that later)
  • USB cable (provided in the box)
  • AC electricity supply

How To Charge boAt Airdopes Earbuds?

Step 1: First, open the charging case by pulling the lid from the right place (somewhere near the LED indicator). You will see two dedicated slots for the two earbuds like this:

boat airdopes charging case with earbuds slot

Both of these slots have two thin golden colored pins which act as a contact point. What you have to do is, place each earbuds inside the slots such that these golden pins make contact with the earbuds’ contact plates. (This process is similar to inserting a SIM card in an old mobile phone, remember?)

Keep in mind that you can’t place the right earbud on the left slot or vice-versa. For your help, boAt has demarcated left (L) & right (R) just above the slots.

How To Charge boAt Airdopes

Step 2: Once you place the boAt airdopes in their respective slots, they will immediately start charging. But how do you verify if they are charging? Just close the case’s lid and reopen it after 2 seconds. You’ll notice that the colorful LEDs of both the earbuds will glow for a moment. That means it’s charging.

Step 3: Close the lid and let the charging process of boAt airdopes complete. It will take somewhere around 40 to 60 minutes to fully charge. Once done, take them out and start using them for music.

You don’t need an AC supply, mobile charger or USB cable to charge the boAt airdopes!

The above charging method for boAt airdopes will only work if your power case is already charged. But if it’s discharged, you need to charge it first.

How do I know if my boat Airdopes are charging?

There are 4 LEDs outside the power case. The right-most LED indicates the right earbud, and the left-most LED indicates the left one. As soon as you close the lid, you will see that one or both of them will glow for nearly 5 seconds. This means that both the earbuds are placed correctly and they’re charging.

boAt airdopes charging indicator

If you see that only one or none of the two LEDs (of case) are glowing upon closing the lid, that means they are either fully charged or you have not placed them correctly. Re-open the lid and give it a retry.

How long does boAt Airdopes take to charge?

It depends on the earbuds’ internal cell size. Typically it is of 35-43 mAh. It should not take more than 40-60 minutes to fully charge.

How do I know if boAt airdopes are charged?

Take out the earbuds out of the case & connect it to your phone or laptop. It will show the battery percentage status. If it’s 100% then it’s fully charged.

The second method is, open the lid & close the lid. If none of the LEDs glow (of powercase, not of the earbuds), then it’s fully charged.

What do I do if my boat Airdopes don’t charge?

There are two possibilities if your earbuds are not charging:

  • Powercase fully exhausted: You need to plug in the case first. I have explained the process in the next section.
  • Either the case or earbuds are damaged: Try contacting boAt customer support to get it repaired if it’s still under 1 year warranty.

How do I charge my boat Airdopes 441?

Charging any model of boAt airdopes is similar to what was explained above. I use boAt airdopes 441 Pro and it takes 45 minutes to fully charge. There might be some different hardware appearance but the method is almost the same.

How to Charge boAt Airdopes Case?

Step 1: Look at the boAt charging case carefully. You will observe that there is a plastic shutter. Gently pull it outwards and you’ll see two slots: one if USB and the other one is Type-C (or micro-USB). The USB slot is for using it as a power bank. We have to use the other slot in order to plug it in.

Step 2: Here the main process of charging boAt wireless airdopes begins. Take out the cable you have in the packaging box and connect it on one end to the charging case. the other end should be connected to the power adapter. (You can use your mobile phone’s data cable if it is compliant).

USB cable connected to boAt powercase

Step 3: Plug in the power adapter to the AC supply. 4 LEDs in boAt powercase will glow up. They will glow one-by-one and repeat it until fully charged. This is an indication that your case has started the charging process!

Step 4: Now you have to wait about 1 to 1.5 hours for the full charge. It depends on the battery size of your power case, because every boAt Airdopes come with different sized power cases.

Can I charge boAt Airdopes case with a fast charger?

Yes you can, but I wouldn’t recommend chargers with high wattage. I use Xiaomi’s 12W charger & it works perfectly. You can use up to 25W & be in the safer limits. I have tested the OnePlus 65W wrap charger & it works, but I won’t use it as it might damage the internal battery.

How do I know if boAt charging case is fully charged?

After 1.5 hours, you will see boAt Airdopes charging indicator with 4 LEDs are glowing & not turning off. Meaning, your charging case is 100% charged, take the charger out of the wall socket.

boat charging case plugged in to wall socket

Another method to confirm this is, there is a button on the charging case near the USB port. First, turn off the wall socket’s switch and press it once.

  • If all 4 LEDs glow, boAt power case is 100% charged.
  • If 3 glows, then it’s 75% charged.
  • If 2 glows, then 50% charging is done
  • And if only 1 LED glow and the remaining 3 remain off, only 25% charging is done.

Can I charge boAt Airdopes case by putting the earbuds inside (or taking them out)?

Both are completely fine. You can charge the power case without the earbuds inside it. It will take less time. Otherwise, keep them inside and charge the powercase, it will not impact the other way.

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