So your new pair of earbuds was just delivered and you started using it. You play songs, watch videos, movies, and attend phone calls & meetings. Cool. However, when you try to play games using boAt 141, you feel that the latency is too high. How do you reduce it? The answer is beast mode. But how to activate beast mode in boat Airdopes 141? What is this BEAST mode is & how does it help to improve your gaming experience? Today’s tutorial is all about the beast mode in boAt Airdopes.

how to activate beast mode in boat airdopes 141

3 Steps to Activate BEAST Mode in boAt Airdopes 141

Take the earbuds out of the charging case

Make sure that your earbuds are charged enough. If they are low in battery, charge your boAt Airdopes for at least 10 minutes. After that, take out the right earbud & wear it on your right year.

Tap the earbuds 3 times to activate BEAST mode

Once you wear the right Airdopes in your ear, it’s time to activate the BEAST mode. Simply locate the small touch control (outer part of the earbuds), and tap it 3 times continuously & gently.

Confirm if the BEAST mode is activated

Once you tap the earbuds 3 times, you will hear a voice note saying “Beast mode”. This audio note confirms the activation of BEAST mode on boAt Airdopes 141.

Here’s a short video showing how to do this in less than 5s:

How to Turn Off BEAST Mode in boAt Airdopes 141?

Turning off the beat mode is simple & easy. Just tap the right earbud 3 times the same way you did previously. Doing this will turn the beat mode off. However, you’ll not hear a voice note to confirm this.

Another method to turn off the BEAST mode in boAt 141 is – simply put the earbuds back inside the power case.

Fixing BEAST Mode Not Working in boAt Airdopes 141

If you have followed the above steps & still the beast mode in Airdopes 141 is not working, don’t worry. Sometimes it happens for no reason. Don’t assume that your earbuds days are over & you need a replacement. Here are the simple troubleshooting steps you can follow if the BEAST mode is not working on boAt Airdopes 141:

Put the Earbuds Back in the charging case: Simply keep the earbuds back inside the case & close the lid. Doing this will reboot the Airdopes & you can start afresh after 10 seconds. Alternatively, you can touch & hold both the earbuds for 5s, this will force turn-off both of them.

Reset the boAt Airdopes 141: This is the ultimate solution. Take both the earbuds out & tap the earbuds 3 times- this time you will tap both the earbuds at once. Doing this will reset the earbuds. I have written a detailed article which explains how you can reset any boAt Airdopes easily.

What is BEAST Mode in boAt Airdopes?

Beast mode is an audio mode in boAt Airdopes which reduces latency during gaming. The reduction in latency provides you with an improved overall gaming experience. BEAST stands for “Bionic Engine and Sonic Technology”, as per the official website of boAt.

When you listen to songs or use the earbuds for hands-free calling, latency is not too important. In general, it is in the range of 85-100ms. It goes unnoticeable because that much delay is bearable during listening songs & talking over phone calls.

However, when you play games like PubG or Xbox, the importance of latency comes into the picture. You cannot afford to use a wireless earphone with latency any more than 65ms. This is because if you do, the enemies will take advantage of it, making you lose the game.

Hence, boAt Airdopes 141 comes with low latency of up to 80ms which offers you a good gaming as well as video streaming experience. Yes, if the latency is too high, you will observe the lack of synchronization between audio & video.

Generally speaking, there are four types of low latencies:

  • 65ms: Low latency
  • 40ms – 60ms: Super low latency
  • 20ms – 40ms: Ultra low latency
  • Less than 10ms: Hyper low latency

Does boAt Airdopes 141 have Beast Mode?

Yes, boAt 141 Airdopes come with the BEAST mode. It offers 80ms of low latency which is good enough for video games & streaming videos. We have already explained the steps for activating beast mode in boAt 141. Just follow those steps & use BEAST mode in boAt Airdoes 141 in no time.


So by now you know the entire process of activating BEAST mode on your boAt 141 TWS. I hope you enjoyed the article, now is the time to enjoy the gaming experience using your newly bought Airdopes. If you find it confusing at any step, just go back to this article & get it resolved.

What is beast mode in boAt Airdopes?

It is a technology for reducing the latency between audio & video. If you are a pro-gamer, then this makes sense to you. Otherwise, listening to songs won’t have any effect on BEAST mode activation.

I have followed the steps but BEAST mode in Airdopes 141 is not activated.

You can try resetting your Airdopes & give it another attempt.

How much latency was achieved by boAt Airdopes 141 after activating the BEAST mode?

80ms is what boAt claims to offer once we use it in BEAST mode.

Does every boAt Airdopes come with BEAST mode?

No, not all boAt Airdopes models offer the BEAST mode. You need to confirm this before you make any purchases.