About a few decades ago, we couldn’t enjoy music without driving away people near us.
With the advent of newly launched earphones by Boult Audio, the overall user’s listening experience has revolutionized with the introduction of Boult Audio x30 earbuds.

Now even people with a low budget can fulfil their desire to listen to music through wireless earphones since Boult Audio brought x30 TWS earbuds for just 999 INR.

Also, the augmented number of Boult Audio Bluetooth earphones users leads the company to develop more advanced features at affordable prices. The brand has surprised consumers
on 4th November 2022, by bringing Boult Audio x30 true wireless earbuds.

Also, the earbuds will be helping you get distracted from the outside of the world with their unique features.

To let buyers know about the newly launched pocket-friendly pair of boult audio x30, we have rounded up the features in this comprehensive review to help people decide whether to go with or skip this product.

Boult Audio x30
Boult Audio x30 earbuds

General Features of Boult x30 TWS Earbuds

1) Touch Controls

With the provided technology and features, boult audio x30 is worth buying pair under just 1000 INR. Whether you’re a student or just started a new job, this product will be pretty light on your pocket. However, be aware of all the options and drawbacks before getting one. 

The earbuds have a small cavity which makes the touching experience extremely smooth. The touch controls are accurate and work effectively. Users find no difficulty while touching the buttons to operate the product. 

Also, the touch controls help us perform operations without the cell phone. For example, you can quickly attend a call by simply tapping on the earbud, through the control area.

Moreover, the user can easily hang up or decline the call by double tapping on one of the earbuds. The earbuds can also be used for activating Google Assistant or Siri.

2) Sound Quality

The earbud keepers will be satisfied enough if the product provides excellent sound quality. This is the most significant feature when looking for wireless earphones, as per the consumer’s experience.

Also, you will detach from your surroundings when listening to music at 40% to 60%. Moreover, you can hear the voice on call even if you’re walking outside or stuck in traffic. Along with the crystal-clear sound, the quality of the mic is up to the mark.

More importantly, the quad mic Environmental Noise Cancellation feature cancels unwanted noise so that you can have a crisp, clear, and uninterrupted calling hour.

Besides that, these TWS earbuds have three music modes: Rock mode, Bass mode, and Hi-Fi mode. However, the Hi-Fi mode is comparatively better. By default, the earphones are set to Hi-Fi mode. Although, by tapping four times you can change the mode.

3) Boult x30 Battery Timing

You may forget to charge Boult Audio x30 and can use it continuously for hours. Then what’s the big deal? The massive battery power of 40 hrs playtime allows you to relish and explore your entertainment without worrying about the battery charging.

Also, if you use earbuds for more than a day, then the earbuds can work for up to two days with the case. Otherwise, the earbuds will give 3 to 4 hours of battery backup.

Overall, users are having a good experience with the battery timing. Charge the pair for approximately 10 minutes, and then it will give 100 minutes of music playback. Although to get 100% charging, you need to charge the case for almost 2 hours and the earbuds for 1 hour.

4) User Friendly

These earbuds are light weighted and can be carried easily. Due to the delicate design and material, your ears will never feel heavy. 

The weight of Boult x30 is just 70 g which makes it portable. The product is relatively easy to use since it doesn’t require an application. Moreover, audio boult x30 TWS is water resistant, allowing you to enjoy the rain and gym hours to the fullest.

5) Connectivity

Take out your phone, turn on the Bluetooth option and get your earphones connected. There is no need for an external source or application to turn on the boult audio x30. 

Furthermore, these TWS earbuds connect with Bluetooth 5.1 within a blink of an eye. The pair delivers seamless connectivity, so you can avoid having to cope with unwanted interruptions. You can use them with your laptop or mobile phone at a 10m distance hence there is no need to carry your device everywhere. 

6) Gaming Mode

Look no further if you’re addicted to video games or use your phone to enjoy games. Boult Audio x30 enhances your overall gaming experience with its incredible sound effects. 

Also, it gives you a suitable low-latency mode which is 45ms. You will hear crystal clear sound having a total concentration on your game target. Just tap on the left earbud four times to turn on the gaming mode. 

7) Music Mode

You can get out of your favourite genres of music.  The x30 pair of earbuds have Equalizer Mode which offers you BoomX Bass Boost Mode. Rock Mode, and HiFi Mode.

Boult x30 Specifications

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Country of origin: India
  • Available colors: Grey and blue 
  • Special Features: IPX5 water resistant  
  • Product Dimension: 7 x 3.2 x 3.2 cm; 70 Grams
  • Cable Feature: Without Cable 
  • Batteries Required: No


  1. Boult x30 is available at a reasonable price. Also, they are light in weight and can be carried anywhere easily.
  2. Earbuds fit in the case with magnetic support. 
  3. Battery timing is long-lasting and can be used without being charged for a day. 
  4. Boult x30 TWS earbuds are water-resistant. 
  5. You don’t have to turn on the earbuds because they get activated automatically once they come out of the case.


  1. The plastic quality of the phone case is not premium, it should be handled with care. 
  2. After getting connected with your device, the volume is manually set to 100%; you must lower the volume by yourself. 
  3. Listening to music at 100% will give distortion, and you will be unable to hear clear sound. 
  4. Sometimes the earphones get suddenly disconnected for no reason.
  5. You will lose the connection once you close the charging case.

What Else Will You Find Inside the Box?

The first thing you will see inside the box is a user guide, which helps get the instructions on “how to use the product” or further details about the Boult x30 earbuds.

Then there are two types of QR Codes; one is for warranty generally; the warranty of Boult earbuds is for 12 months but scanning the QR Code will exceed the time to 15 months. The other QR Code is a reward card, which offers chances to win up to Rs/ 20,000 by scanning the QR Code. 

There is also a C-type super-fast charging data cable and extra ear tips in the plastic wrap.

Final Words

The Boult Audio x30 is highly recommended according to the user’s experience and reviews. Also, if you have a tight budget and hunting for good quality earbuds, then x30 by audio boult is a suitable choice.

They also come with a long-time warranty at a very reasonable price of just 999 INR.

This Indian make offers multiple features with no extra tax or charges. Therefore, just get one and boost your riding, driving, music, sports, and business meeting experiences to a greater extent.