boAt rockerz 255 vs boult audio probass comparison

The wireless earphones market is on boom & nowadays, no one wants to have a wired earphone anymore. There’s a lot of brands in this segment, giving their best to meet customer demands & survive. boAt & Boult being two among them.

When you talk about wireless neckbands earphones, these brands have two products. Today, in this boAt rockerz 255 vs Boult audio probass comparison, we will analyze both of these in-depth.

Boult Audio Probass vs boAt Rockerz 255 Difference

FeaturesboAt Rockerz 255Boult Audio Probass
TypeWireless Neckband, in-EarWireless Neckband, in-Ear
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.0
WaterproofYes, IPX5Yes, IPX5
Button controlsYesYes
Magnetic EarbudsYesYes
Driver size10mmUnknown
Battery size110 mAh135 mAh
Playtime8 hours12-15 hours
Fast chargingYesNo
Charging time90-120 mins60 to 90 mins
Warranty1 year1 year

Design & Build Quality

Feature boAt Rockerz 255 Boult Audio ProBass
Bluetooth version v5.0 v5.0
Is waterproof? Yes, IPX5 Yes, IPX5
In-line Button controls Yes Yes
Weight 26 g 89 g
Magnetic housing Yes Yes

On the design front, there is not much difference between boAt rockerz 255 sports & Boult probass curve.

Both are equipped with BT v5.0, is IPX5 rated waterproof & have magnetic housing for twisting-free listening.

Hence, if you’re looking for a cheap sports wireless earphone, either of two would fit best. The in-line button controls give you full control over music, calls & voice assistants.

boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

However, Boult audio probass has too bulky when it comes to comfort. It weighs 89g, whereas boAt rockerz 255 weighs just 26g.

Hence, boAt 255 has the upper hand when it comes to feeling the neckband around your neck.

Sound Quality | boAt Rockerz 255 vs Boult Curve

Feature boAt Rockerz 255 Boult Audio ProBass
Noise cancellation? Normal Noise isolation present
Driver size 10mm Unknown
Mic & Voice Assistants Supported Supported
Bass Good Normal

There is no clear winner between Boult probass curve & boAt rockerz 255 when we compare the sound quality.

The basic audio is excellent in both when you listen to music. boAt 255 sports has its own boAt signature sound for crystal clear audio.

boat rockerz 255 review

The noise cancellation is average in boAt 255, but i’s somewhat better in Boult probass curve. Bass depth is better in boAt rockerz 255 than the other.

The driver size in boAt rockez 255 is 10 mm for superb auditory. However, Boult has not revealed the driver size, so we can’t provide that info.

boult audio probass curve neckband review

But, the neodymium acoustic driver delivers rich bass & precise frequencies. Lastly, both of these neckbands support voice assistants & hands-free calls. Thanks to the inbuilt mic.

Battery & Charging

Feature Rockerz 255 Boult ProBass curve
Battery size 110 mAh 135 mAh
Charging time 90-120 mins 60-90 minutes
Overall playtime 8 hours 12-15 hours
Fast charging? No No

This is the section where things go in favor of boAt audio probass earphone. It has a 135 mAh big rechargeable battery inside it, whereas you get a 110 mAh battery with boAt 255 rockerz.

Having the big battery gives a longer playback time with Boult probass curve. The battery lasts up to 12-15 hours. However, it is only 8 hours in the case of boAt 255.

boult audio probass curve neckband

Another advantage of Boult audio probass earphone is, it takes a shorter time to charge than the latter. (Although none of them supports fast charging).

So, it clearly beats boAt rockerz 255 in every section of battery & charging- no second thought.

Closing Thoughts |Boult Audio probass vs boAt Rockerz 255

From the boAt rockerz 255 vs Boult audio probass comparison, we see that both of them have a similar design, water-resistance tolerance & appearance. However, boAt 255 is lightweight & more comfortable.

In the sound quality, none of them is a clear winner over the other- boAt 255 is good in bass but lacks the noise isolation property. The same goes for Boult probass curve.

From the battery & charging perspective, Boult audio probass is a clear winner. It delivers excellent battery life, quicker charging & a big battery. This is why they are charging a few bucks extra.

There are 3 key differences- weight, battery & charging time. In my opinion, you can buy either of them. If you are battery concerned, go for Boult probass. If you need super audio quality & design, go for boAt rockerz 255.

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