Boat’s latest addition to its product line includes the Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+ wireless Bluetooth neckband, boasting a 40-hour battery life. Additionally, Boat offers the wireless Boat Rockerz 265v2 with magnetic play/pause button and the Boat Rockerz 205v2 with Bluetooth v5.0. In this review, we’ll compare the Boat Rockerz 255 vs Boat 255 Pro. We’ll cover their functionality, performance, debut date, design, comfort, battery life, and build quality.

Boat Rockerz 255 vs 255 Pro

Waterproof & sweatproof technology:

Waterproof technology is an essential feature to consider when selecting headphones or earbuds. This innovation allows earbuds to be worn while engaging in activities such as hiking or jogging. Fortunately, both the Boat Rockerz 255 and Boat Rockerz 255 Pro provide IPX5 protection, making them impervious to moisture and sweat. Whether you go for the standard Rockerz 255 or the more premium Rockerz 255 Pro, you can listen to your favorite tunes without any interference from sweat during your workout.

Fast charge technology:

Although Bluetooth earbuds eliminate the need for wires, charging them can be inconvenient. Therefore, it’s best to select wireless earbuds with fast-charging capabilities and extended battery life. While the Rockerz 255 Pro in-ear Bluetooth headphones offer quick charging technology, the standard Rockerz 255 does not. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the boAt 255 earphone, providing up to 6 hours of playtime. The boAt 255 Pro earphones, on the other hand, can be fully charged in just one hour, thanks to the device’s Fast Charge Technology. A quick 20-minute charge can give you up to four hours of music when the 255 Pro’s battery is depleted.

Audio quality and speaker(mic) performance:

The Boat Rockerz 255 Pro’s dynamic drivers have a diameter of 10mm, which enables them to produce booming HD sound and deep, enhanced bass. These headphones have crystal-clear sound, even when turned up loud. They have a deep and rich bass that draws you in, and their lows, mids, and highs are in harmony. The high-definition surround sound of these earbuds provides a more satisfying gaming experience. Bluetooth version 5.0, the current iteration of Bluetooth, has low latency, resulting in crisp and clear sound from these wireless headphones.

The mic performance is also noteworthy. The 255 Pro has a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls, providing an excellent mic for making phone calls.

Boat Rockerz 255 vs Boat 255 Pro – the Bluetooth Systems:

Bluetooth connectivity is crucial if you want to avoid fumbling with wires while listening to music. These boAt headphones use Bluetooth technology, allowing you to listen to music without wires. The Bluetooth connectivity is a major differentiator between 255 and 255 Pro. The boAt Rockerz 255 headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 technology, while the Boat Rockerz 255 Pro is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Bluetooth 5.0 is an improvement over Bluetooth 4.1, allowing you to rely on constant connection when using Rockerz 255 Pro.

Design, Build and Comfort:

The Boat Rockerz 255 inspired the design of the Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Wireless Earphone. The sleek and durable neckband design is made from high-grade plastic. The cable of Rockerz Pro is malleable and tangle-free. The ear cups have been ergonomically engineered to rest comfortably in the ear, and ear

Boat Rockerz 255 vs Boat 255 Pro – Summary

The Boat Rockerz 255 and 255 Pro are both great options for wireless earphones, and each has its own unique features. Both models are sweat and water-resistant, making them great for use during exercise, and the 255 Pro includes fast charging technology. The 255 Pro also boasts Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a high-quality Qualcomm QCC3003 chipset for stable connectivity and clear audio quality. Both models have comfortable and durable designs, and the 255 Pro even includes a magnetic lock to prevent tangling. Ultimately, the decision between the two will depend on individual preferences and priorities, but either option is sure to provide a high-quality wireless listening experience.