boAt Airdopes 441 VS Airdopes 381 comparison

You are searching for wireless earbuds and found two boAt airdopes- 381 & 441. But now confused about which one to buy, right? Don’t worry, we are here to help you make a better buying decision.

In today’s boAt airdopes 381 vs 441 comparison, we will analyze both sets of earbuds side by side. We will see which one offers a better design, sound quality & battery backup. Just stay with us for 2 minutes because, better safe than sorry.

boAt Airdopes 381 vs 441

FeaturesAirdopes 441Airdopes 381
TypeTWS earbudsTWS earbuds
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Touch controlsYesYes
IWP supportYesNo
Driver size6mm7mm
Battery size (earbuds)43 mAh*250 mAh*2
Battery size (powercase)500 mAh500 mAh
Playtime (fully charged earbuds)5 hrs4 hrs
Total battery backup30 hrs (approx)20 hours
Charging time1.5 hours1 hour
Warranty1 year1 year

Build Quality

Features boAt Airdopes 441 boAt Airdopes 381
Bluetooth version v5.0 v5.0
Is waterproof? Yes, IPX7 Yes, IPX5
Smart Touch Controls Yes Yes
Is it Ergonomic? Yes Yes

If you compare boAt 441 & 381 airdopes, both come with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 chipset. Hence, you can enjoy wireless music listening, calls, etc. up to a range of 10 meters.

Both are ergonomically designed to offer true comfort to your ears. The ear-tips are much more comfortable than any other earbuds in the Indian market.

boat airdopes 441 pro powercase design

However, there is one significant difference. boAt airdopes 441 is rated IPX7 waterproof. Airdopes 381 is also water-resistant, but rated IPX5 only.

As IPX5 is older than IPX7, hence, the water, sweat & dust tolerance is better in boAt 441 than 381. So what do you think, boat 381 vs 441 which is better in this regard?

Sound Quality

Features Airdopes 441 Airdopes 381
boAt Signature sound? Yes Immersive HD sound
Driver size 6mm 7mm
Mic & Voice assistant? Yes Yes
Bass quality Average Good

Coming to the sound quality, both these earbuds give cut-throat competition to each other. While Airdopes 441 offers boAt signature sound, Airdopes 381 also pours immersive HD sound.

If you need any of them for usual music listening, both work well. You can even use Airdopes 441 or 381 for hands-free calls, & access voice assistants.

airdopes 381 compare with 441

In the sound quality section, the difference between boAt 381 & 441 is driver size. Since Airdopes 381 has 7 mm drivers, it has a little more edge in bass quality than Airdopes 441.

Battery & Charging

Features Airdopes 441 Airdopes 381
Battery Size (per earbud) 43 mAh 50 mAh
Power case 500 mAh 500 mAh
Playtime (per charge cycle) 5 hours 4 hours
Overall playtime 30 hours 20 hours
Charging time 1.5 hours 1 hour

Most of the boAt airdopes we have compared, the entire game changes in this section only. From the comparison table, we can see that boAt 441 has 43 mAh batteries inside them, while airdopes 381 has 50 mAh each.

In the first instance, you might think that boat airdopes 381 would offer longer playtime than boat 441.boat airdopes 381 powercase

But it’s not so. In fact, boAt 441 earbuds offer 5 hours of playtime after being fully charged. But airdopes 381 lasts only for 4 hours.

The power case design of boAt 381 is very very compact & small. Both have a 500 mAh large battery inside their power case. If you want an even bigger power case, check boAt 441 vs 441 pro review.

441 pro earbuds shot

But again, airdopes 441 offers 30 hours of overall playtime, while the latter offers only 20 hours of battery backup.

Charging times for both also differ. As you can see, boAt 441 takes 1.5 hours, while boat 381 takes just 1 hour.

Closing Thoughts | boAt Airdopes 441 vs 381

For general purposes, both airdopes are pretty good. From a pricing point of view, Airdopes 381 comes at Rs. 500 lower than 441. But if you need a large battery backup, I recommend you go for boAt airdopes 441.

Not only this, but the IPX7 rating also matters. The higher the IP rating, the safer your earbuds are from dust, sweat & water splashes. For normal music listening & calls, both are good options though.

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