Listening to music while on the go is optimal, and earphones are the way to go. Many individuals find pleasure in listening to music.  When you put on some air dopes and crank up some tunes, it’s the nicest feeling ever. BoAt  Airdopes 121v2 are an excellent TWS that can be purchased for less than 1500 Rs. and has been in use for over two years. Here is our review of BoAt  Airdopes 121 vs 121v2.

BoAt  Airdopes 121 vs 121v2

No problems at all. There is still a lot of truth in this story. There is no doubt that BoAt  items are highly sought after and popular. Because their products are cutting-edge and high quality. The BoAt  Airdopes 121v2 are a popular completely wireless earphone that can be purchased for $1299.

In the booming audio electronics market, BoAt  is the clear frontrunner in the earbuds space. Their newest low-priced offering, the gorgeous BoAt  Airdopes 121 earphones, is a great choice. These earbuds only recently debuted at a steep discount on Amazon’s Prime Day sale on August 6th, a special event that opens only to Prime members. According to the advertising, they boast a number of advantages, including a powerful battery, a stylish design, and high-quality sound. Both the BoAt  Airdopes 421 real earbuds with extended ear hooks and the BoAt  Airdopes 461 tws Bluetooth headsets will be available in India sometime in 2020. When it comes to sound quality, do these cheap headphones deliver? And now you will. 

Look And Feel/ Built Quality

It’s tiny and feathery. The entire package, including the earbuds, is only 36 grams, making the BoAt  Airdopes 121v2 a lightweight option. You won’t even notice it’s there when you put it in your pocket or a purse; it’s that light. The charging case is of high quality.

The earphones come in three gorgeous and, in some cases, unexpected hues. There’s a lot of action in the Black, a bit of mystery in the blue (which is more of a sea green) and a pop of ( light and sober pink). They’re incredibly soft for their size and come in two distinct colors. With a weight of about 4 grams, the BoAt  Airdopes 121 earphones are extremely portable. These BoAt s Airdopes 121 earbuds are so comfortable you won’t even notice they’re in your ears, even after wearing them for several hours. Those who spend long periods on the phone will find this especially helpful.

Battery Backup:

The carrying case doubles as a portable charger.

Using the charging case’s internal 380 mAh battery, you can fully charge your headphones or earbuds three times.

These are the stated numbers. The charging case should last for about two to three days if you use it for two to a half hour daily. You’re in luck if your iPhone has a compact charger.

The lithium polymer battery in the BoAt  Airdopes 121 charging case can fully recharge the earphones up to three times, extending their playtime by another 10.5 hours. The earbuds feature a 40 mAh battery apiece. Thus, they can play for up to 3.5 hours continuously. Add the carrying case to the overall playtime, and you get 14 hours.

Audio Quality:

 The volume level is rather high, the instruments and vocals are distinct, and the bass is alright. 

The 8ml dynamic audio drivers in the BoAt  Airdopes 121 earphones are designed to immerse the listener in a new musical experience. The volume is adequate. However, with prolonged exposure to maximum volume, you should be OK. At extremely loud volumes, there is no audible distortion. To some extent, the bass has been amplified. It complements the minds and highs without becoming overpowering. There is more definition in the singing than in the instrumental parts. The sound from the BoAt  Airdopes 121 is well-balanced. The BoAt  Airdopes 121 are stereo headset earphones. The call quality is about as good as any other service. There’s a sense of distancing and haziness to the voice. The outdoor environment exacerbates these issues. There is a dramatic increase in the volume of the background noise. In addition, there is an obvious echo, especially in busy areas.

BoAt Airdopes 121 vs 121v2 – the Rest of the Details:

The BoAt  121 v2 are TWS earphones, allowing easy access to the BoAt ‘s sound system and attached button controls. Quick voice assistance is available with a simple push of the Multifunction Button.

The BoAt  Airdopes 121 headphones use buttons rather than touch controls. Either earbud has a multipurpose button that may be used to answer and end calls. Pressing the multifunction button on either earbud once will play or pause the currently playing track.

Advantages of BoAt  Airdopes 121v2:

  • Solid construction
  • Extremely tiny and compact
  • The sound quality is excellent all around.
  • The vocal and instrument separation is spot on, and there is a lot of attention to detail.
  • Positively Remarkable Bass
  • Acceptable sound quality during calls
  • Battery life of up to 5 hours

Advantages of BoAt Airpodes 121 Pro:

  • Top-Notch Construction
  • Design featuring a split stem
  • Waterproof to a level guaranteed by the International Protection Marking Standard IPX4
  • Input Capacity Controls That Can Be Adjusted Via Touchscreen
  • Turning on Beast Mode is a great idea if you want to up your game.
  • Improved call quality thanks to Enx technology
  • Allows for rapid charging
  • Sound that’s heavy on the bass
  • The sound that is completely free of distortion.
  • Slightly more obnoxious than Airdopes 121v2

BoAt Airdopes 121 vs 121v2 – Conclusion

the review says, the BoAt  Airdopes 121 is a great buy for $129. The playback time and battery life are both respectable. In addition, the controls are easy to use and operate smoothly. Both the connectivity and the fit are flawless. If money is a concern, you should buy these. Both the BoAt  121 v2 should meet or exceed all expectations for performance in their pricing range. The two are similar in various ways. However, compared to the BoAt  121 v2, the battery capacity is superior. They are not watertight or ANC-compatible. This is a major flaw of gadgets.

On the other hand, it provides an excellent audio experience. The BoAt  121 v2 is designed for a stress-free, deep dive. The best of the bunch, if you will.