Want to enjoy seamless music without fearing running out of battery? Indians are very fond of music & when they have to forcefully stop it because of low battery, it’s truly pathetic.

If you are already using wireless earbuds or neckbands, there is a chance that you have faced this problem.

That’s the only reason we are back with the list of the best wireless earphones & earbuds with long battery life.

Best Wireless Earphones Earbuds with Long Battery Life

You might be thinking that if I could get a battery backup of about 25 or even 30 hours with my Bluetooth headset, it would come with a heavy price tag, right?

But to your surprise, that’s not true. All the listed earphones which offer huge battery backups are available for as low as Rs. 1500 & goes up to Rs. 3000 only.

We have listed some of the Bluetooth earbuds as well as neckbands which offer a massive battery life. Not only the battery but we have also analyzed their sound quality, design and other factors as they are equally important.

Bluetooth Earphones & Earbuds with Best Battery Life

Wireless earbuds with long batteryTotal Battery life (Approx)Links (Amazon)
boAt Airdopes 441 Pro150 hours CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Buds Z238 hours CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Nord Mini30 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 141 TWS42 Hours CHECK PRICE
Oppo Enco Buds24 hours CHECK PRICE
Realme Buds Q230 hours CHECK PRICE
Neckbands with huge battery backup
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z230 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 330 Pro60 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+40 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 33022-25 hours CHECK PRICE
Oppo Enco M3228 hours CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z17 hours CHECK PRICE
Sony WI-XB40015 hours CHECK PRICE

Best Earbuds with Long Battery Life

1. boAt Airdopes 441 Pro

  • Fast charging
  • 2600 mAh massive power case
  • Can last for up to 2 weeks
  • Latest Type-C charging

Whenever I think of getting a huge battery backup from my wireless earbuds, boAt 441 comes to my mind first.

I have been using this headset personally for the last 1.5 years, & fully satisfied with the power backup it provides.

airdopes 441 with IPX7 waterproof design_1

First things first, each earbud comes with 35 mAh cells which last for almost 5 hours after fully charging. Put them inside the power case & they will charge up quickly.

Secondly, the charging case of Airdopes 441 pro has a huge 2600 mAh battery. Total playback time to 150 hours. Immense, right? These long lasting earbuds will always get you covered, doesn’t matter how lengthy the web-series or movie is.

The charging case can be charged with a type-C charger, & it takes about 1.5 hours. The earbuds power up real quick & you can enjoy up to 1-1.5 hours of music with just 10 minutes of short charging session.

Next, the design of these earbuds is excellent. They come with a great fit to ears & is IPX7 rated waterproof. So, Airdopes 441 pro is fit for sports & running.

The sound quality is just great. It has 6mm dynamic drivers for deep bass & rich sound. Furthermore, it supports hands-free calls & voice assistants. Get better control over them with sensitive touch-controls.

The above features are enough to say it’s one of the best wireless earbuds with long battery life. You can read the full review of boAt 441 Pro here.

Verdict: If you live in a locality where electricity is a major concern, I would highly recommend you to go with Airdopes 441 pro. Because it has dual benefits: it takes dramatically less time to charge & lasts for 10-12 days easily.

Don’t forget that it’s the most-sold boAt airdopes & received high ratings by the customers.


boAt Airdopes 441 Pro Full Review

2. OnePlus Buds Z2 Earbuds

  • TWS with active noise cancellation (ANC)
  • Excellent calling capabilities
  • Up to 38 hours of playtime
  • Superb audio quality

We will talk about its long battery life, but let’s see how these OnePlus earbuds are good for calls & meetings. It comes with 3 microphones that facilitate the best call quality ever.

OnePlus Buds Z2 earbuds

In boAt airdopes 441 Pro, we have seen that you need to speak a bit louder to get heard. This is because those earbuds operate on a single mic system. But fortunately that’s not the case with OnePlus Buds Z2.

The OnePlus Buds Z2 uses cutting-edge noise cancellation technology that provides a virtual barrier of tranquility around you. The two noise cancellation modes—Faint and Extreme—produce a layer of quiet for your well-being.

OnePlus Buds Z2 is capable of blocking up to 40 dB of ambient noise, which is ideal for those who want to listen to music on the go and have a piece of mind that they will not be bothered by environmental noises.OnePlus Buds Z2 Review specifications price in India

If you need to focus on music, a specific environment or even just hear your surroundings, the earbuds can still connect and play in each mode.

OnePlus Buds Z2 headphones have a new noise cancellation system that keeps you protected from distracting outside noise. Two modes give you more options: listen in a comfortable, peaceful manner or stay aware of the outside world.

Enjoy immersive Dolby Atmos sounds, and listen to your favorite tracks with rich detail. Dynamic 11mm bass-tuned dynamic drivers propel powerful bass and clear, detailed sound throughout your day.

Verdict: OnePlus Buds Z2 is an excellent option for those who are looking for a quality pair of earbuds with active noise cancellation capabilities. The earbuds offer superb audio quality and up to 38 hours of playtime. They are also very good for making calls and meetings. Overall, the OnePlus Buds Z2 are a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality pair of earbuds.


OnePlus Buds Z2 Full Review

3. OnePlus Nord Mini Earbuds

OnePlus Nord Mini Earbuds with long lasting battery life

The next long lasting wireless earbuds come from OnePlus. If you’re looking for a great pair of earbuds with deep bass and clear sound, the OnePlus Nord Buds are music to your ears.

They feature big 12.4 mm dynamic drivers and fast pairing with OnePlus phones for smooth connectivity.

Additionally, their smooth ergonomic design offers true comfort, making them suitable for long listening sessions. Plus, they’re IP55 rated sweat and water resistant, so you can enjoy your music worry-free.

With Bluetooth v5.2, you’ll get breakless music streaming. OnePlus fast pairing with OnePlus phones is there for smooth connectivity.

girl wearing oneplus nord buds TWS with a smile

Finally, the all-new OnePlus Nord Buds come with three unique audio profiles (Bold, Bass, and Serenade) so you can customize your sound.

The OnePlus Nord Buds are great earbuds that provide excellent voice isolation during calls. The AI Noise Cancellation audio algorithm and 4-mic system makes sure that your voice is always clear and audible, even in noisy environments

Which earbuds have the longest battery life? The answer is obvious – one which has a big charging case. Regarding the battery, OnePlus Nord buds offer up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge. After fully charging the earbuds, you will get a massive battery backup of about 7 hours. This is particularly unique because no other brand offers this much listening hour (7 hours).

What more do you need when these long battery life earbuds offer about 5 hours after charging them for only 10 minutes? That’s the magic of fast charging.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pair of earbuds, the OnePlus Nord Buds are a great option.

  • Excellent voice isolation during calls
  • AI Noise Cancellation audio algorithm for clear sound
  • 4-mic system for improved clarity
  • 3 unique audio profiles
  • IP55 sweat and water resistant
  • Fast charging for long battery life
  • Trendy design & looks
  • Mic doesn’t pick the voice correctly if you talk at low volume

Verdict: The OnePlus Nord Buds are great earbuds for their price range. They offer excellent sound quality, comfort, and battery life. Additionally, their fast charging feature is unique and helpful. If you’re looking for a good pair of wireless earbuds, the OnePlus Nord Buds are worth considering.


4. boAt Airdopes 141 Wireless Earbuds

  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • Smart Touch Controls
  • IPX4 rated splashproof
  • 600 mAh huge power case

A lot of boAt airdopes give you mediocre battery life, but Airdopes 141 changes this perception. While talking about connectivity, it comes with Bluetooth v5.0 for seamless connectivity and best power utilization.

boat airdopes 141 true wireless earbuds

All you need to do is take the earbuds out of the power case and they will connect to the last paired device automatically.

The IPX4-rated waterproof design lets you enjoy music in rain and splashes without fail, as well as answer calls during your workout.

In addition to its waterproof capabilities, the touch-sensitive panel on the side can control your music, calls and access voice assistants like Siri so that you can easily access what you need at any time.

As far as sound is concerned, these boAt airdopes come with boAt signature sound – the 8 mm dynamic drivers boost the sound quality by giving decent bass. Phone call conversations are super clear with the 2-mic system.

boat airdopes 141 launched with 42 hours battery backup

The downside is that you can’t control volume wirelessly. (As of today, no model of boAt Airdopes have the feature to control the volume right from the touch control panel).

Now let’s talk about part of our interest: battery backup. It’s a boon for people who want to enjoy music day & night, without fearing the battery running out.

With its impressive battery backup, you get up to 42 hours of total playback. The fully charged earbuds last for 6 hours. With a budget of Rs. 1500, we can say with confidence that Airdopes 141 are the most loved Bluetooth earbuds with long battery life in India.

Most earbuds’ battery life is judged based on how fast they can charge themselves. Thanks to fast charging, just plug the boAt airdopes 141 power case for 5 minutes, and truly enjoy wireless life for the next 75 minutes.

Lastly, what I must say is, if you’re looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that cost as low as Rs. 1500 but offers a great battery life, there is no competition of Airdopes 141 till date. It’s simply the most loved boAt earbuds with long battery life available at cheap price.

Verdict: boAt 141 earbuds offer great value for the price, and are sure to not disappoint. Go ahead and purchase the Airdopes 141, they’re sure to make your day-to-day tasks much easier and your music listening experience that much more enjoyable. You won’t regret it!


boAt Airdopes 141 Review

5. Oppo Enco Buds

  • Up to 24 hours of battery backup
  • Dolby – Atmos noise cancellation
  • Dust & water resistant
  • Superb call quality

OPPO Enco Buds Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds

Amazing bass and designed for sports, the Enco Buds are your perfect companion. Stay connected on the go throughout the day with Bluetooth v5.2 which helps you make quick and stable connections with louder and clearer sound quality.

Designed to be reliable, it offers IP54 water and dust resistance, while small earpieces fit snugly into your ears but are not heavy or painful. Though the IP54 rating is a little older, it’s still effective in withstanding mild splashes & dust around you.

As well as being a great addition to your daily commute, the Enco Buds are perfect for any party where you’d like to listen to your favourite music in concert-like quality – with great bass.

Oppo enco buds unboxing

Heavy bass but clear treble, OPPO Enco Buds High-Resolution In-ear Audiophile Earphones bring you a truly pleasurable listening experience. All of this is backed up by support from Dolby – Atmos with an 8mm driver inside.

The 80ms low latency promises an incredible audio/video experience when streaming movies, TV shows, and videos. Also, Oppo Enco earbuds supports intelligent call noise cancellation (ICNC) for crisp & clear calls.

Listen to music wherever life takes you. Listen to music wherever life takes you. The OPPO Enco Buds are capable of 6 hours of playtime with their small rechargeable battery and an additional 18 hours of music playback with a power case. (Making it a total of 24 hours).

If you have a limited budget to spend on your music needs, and want a pair of earbuds with longest battery life, Oppo Enco buds is great to start with.

Verdict: Oppo Enco Buds are a great choice for those on a budget who want a pair of earbuds with long battery life. They offer clear sound quality and impressive bass, and are designed to be comfortable and stable even during intense physical activity. They’re also water-resistant, making them ideal for use in any environment.

However, some may find the sound quality to be lacking compared to more expensive options on the market. Overall, the Oppo Enco Buds are a great choice for those looking for an affordable option with a good battery life.


6. Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Latest Bluetooth v5.2 chipset
  • Low latency & ANC
  • 480 mAh huge charging case
  • Bass boost & fit for gym

If you are looking for Realme wireless earbuds with huge battery life, Realme Buds Q2 is the best thing out there. Let’s see how.

Featuring 40 mAh cells in each earbud, Realme Q2 earbuds can pour music for up to 5 hours (ANC on) & 7 hours in case ANC is off.

realme Buds Q2 True Wireless Earbuds (1)

Further, the 480 mAh power case provides another 20 hours of playtime. Hence, you can enjoy music, calls, etc. for about 27-28 hours with the charging case & earbuds. So, realme presents a good alternative to all the longest lasting wireless earbuds that we have come across so far.

So, you can use them for a pretty long time without having to worry about charging. Thanks to fast charging, you get 3 hours of playtime after charging it for just 10 minutes.

It also supports modern Type-C charging instead of outdated USB cable. With fast charging and longer battery life, Realme buds Q2 earbuds are perfect for non-stop enjoyment.

Next moving to the design, it offers stable connections & optimum power utilization with the latest Bluetooth v5.2. Even you can enjoy music at the gym because earbuds are safe from sweat with the IPX5 rating.

We have so much to say about the sound quality. It has active noise cancellations, transparency mode & suppresses environmental noises up to 35 dB.

Next, the super low latency of Realme Q2 allows you to enjoy gaming & low latency streaming. Plus, you get exposure to various sound profiles inside the Realme link app.

Verdict: If you need a pair of the best wireless earbuds with a great battery life of under 2000, look no further & grab it now. Not only about battery & fast charging ability, but Realme Buds Q2 is a winning product in other aspects such as sound quality, design & build quality.


Best Wireless Earphones with Long Battery Life

If you want a perfect neckband with massive battery life, these neckband-style earphones are worth looking at.

Best neckband with long battery life

1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 Earphone

  • Extremely light weight design
  • Deep bass with clearer calls
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life
  • Fast Type-C charging

OnePlus bullets wireless Z2 wireless neckband launch date in India

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 Neckband weighs just 26g and features advanced wireless technology. It provides a powerful and reliable connection via Bluetooth 5.0. With an IP55 rating, it’s also sweatproof. Hence, for people who need music during workouts, going after OnePlus BWZ2 is a profitable deal!

It is made of high-quality, skin friendly materials that fit your lifestyle. The magnetic buds ensure your earphones will always stay in place when exercising.

This OnePlus Bluetooth headset features AI noise cancellation technology for perfect audio and are made for long listening sessions. Further, the 12.4 mm drivers deliver deep bass and clear sound, keeping your music pure when listening via the built-in microphone for crystal clear hands-free calls. Enjoy loud and clear audio with anti-distortion technology that keeps your music pure & immersive.

Designed with a 30-hour battery backup, the Z2 offers an exciting 10-minute charging experience through its fast-charging Type-C cable. This Bluetooth headset battery supports fast charging too. It can be fully charged in just 10 minutes and be ready to power your music for 20 hours.

That’s an amazing 100% improvement over its predecessor, which can give you only 10 hours of playtime after ten minutes of charging. The lab data says that it can provide 70% charge in just 10 minutes, so your music keeps going even when you’re on the go.


OnePlus BWZ2 Full Review

Alternative: OnePlus BWZ (Previous Version)

2. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Neckband Headset

  • Latest Bluetooth v5.0 with dual pairing
  • IPX7 rated waterproof design
  • Up to 40 hours battery life with ASAP charging
  • boAt signature sound

Presenting the upgraded version of boAt Rockerz 255: the Pro+! This new model resolves all the problems we have had in older ones, and battery life is one of them. But let’s have a look at its design.

The neckband design makes it a perfect choice for runners and athletes who need to jam while they’re active. The IPX7 waterproofing also makes the earphones a great option for outdoor use. This design also makes it easy to wear the earphones when running or working out.

boAt rockez 255 pro plus earphone

Plus, with dual-pairing support you can take calls and control music on your smartphone or MP3 player with the push of a button.

With its dynamic drivers, the earbuds provide deep bass, clear highs, and ultra lows so you can enjoy your music in high quality.

It has 10mm dynamic drivers and signature boAt sound technology, which means you’ll get clear highs and lows when you’re listening to your music.

For just Rs. 1500, you can enjoy high-quality audio and video while making hands-free calls thanks to the earbuds’ built-in microphone.

Once fully charged, these earphones can work for up to 40 hours (at 50% volume). That’s truly magnificent in this budget, isn’t it? You can charge it for only 10 minutes & enjoy the music for the next 10 hours. Not only this but Rockerz 255 pro plus earphone takes only 60 minutes for 100% charge.

Hence, if you are hunting for a perfect neckband with not only the good battery backup but the sound quality, calls, etc, Rockerz 255 Pro+ is must. It gives you everything without breaking your monthly budget.



3. boAt Rockerz 330 with high battery life

  • Long battery at best prices
  • boAt signature sound
  • Gym & workout optimized
  • Fast Type-C charging

Do you want a cheap wireless earphone with long battery life? Sit back & relax because we have hunted it down for you, for as low as Rs. 1300.

Yes, we are talking about Rockerz 330. boAt earphones are known for the best battery backup, sound quality & durability. That’s why we have picked it from this list.

boAt Rockerz 330 Wireless Earphones

boAt 330 is packed with a 150 mAh battery which gives us backup for approx 30 hours. Even if you use it for 8 hours a day, it can easily last for 3 to 4 days.

Charge your neckband with a modern Type-C charger. Rockerz 330 takes just 2 hours to get fully charged.

The best thing is, despite the price being below 1500, it supports ASAP charging. Plug it on only for 10 minutes, & you are all set for the next 3-4 hours. (boAt claims it to be 10 hours, but we feel it’s a little exaggerated).

Who doubts the sound quality when it’s already coming with boAt signature sound? The audio quality is very authentic & blissful, be it listening to music or streaming your favourite show.

Although boAt 330 does not have any noise cancellations, the deep bass is impressive. You can enjoy the unbeatable sound with highs & lows.

This earphone is specially designed for gym sessions. The IPX5 rated waterproof body keeps it safe from dust, water & sweat. Ergonomically designed earbuds ensure the comfort & style you deserve.

Verdict: In a line, boAt 330 is the best battery backup Bluetooth earphones under 1500. If your budget is low but you still want to have a neckband with a good battery life, we couldn’t recommend you a better one than Rockerz 330.

Be it the best sound quality, design or battery, it has left no stone unturned to impress you at the best price possible.


Rockerz 330 Full Review

Alternative: boAt 330 Pro

4. Oppo Enco M32 Neckband

  • Great sound quality with bass
  • Solid, lightweight build quality
  • Perfect fitting
  • Approx 28 hours of battery backup with Type-C

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Earphone Review

Enco M32 is a neckband style wireless earphone. It has a 10mm driver for earbuds that stays comfortably in your ears, even when you’re working out or commuting.

The magnetic design ensures they can be turned on and off by simply splitting or sticking the earbuds together. Their lightweight, sweat-resistant design makes them perfect for your workout or commute. At just 27 grams, they barely feel like they’re there while you’re wearing them.

Enco M32 Bluetooth earphones have bass and treble so you can pick your favorite tones depending on which genre of songs you listen to mostly. Their bass is perfect for those who love bass but don’t want to break the bank.

Oppo Enco M32 earphone

It also has an in-built microphone to offer an excellent calling experience. With a powerful battery that lasts up to 28 hours on a single charge, you’ll have plenty of music listening time without having to worry about recharging.

With the fast charging feature, it can provide 20 hours of music playback in only 10 minutes of charge. It can be fully charged in only 35 minutes because it uses the latest Type-C method.

In conclusion, Oppo Enco M32 is the successor to Enco M31. The newer version has improved design, battery life and bass. The battery is not why we have listed it here but it passed the test on other grounds too.


Oppo Enco M32 Full review

5. Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Earphone

  • Superb sound quality & bass
  • 15 hours total playtime
  • Durable product
  • Quick charging

We know how irritating it is when you have to turn off the music in between, because of that low battery warning. But never complain about it after you buy this neckband earphone from Sony.

With the massive inbuilt battery, Sony XB400 gives you about 15 hours of playtime. Though the battery size is not disclosed by Sony, it’s still far enough for the entire day.

Not only this, but with a quick charging facility, just 10 minutes of charging will provide 60 minutes of playback. It supports charging via a modern Type-C cable.

sony xb 400 review

However, Sony XB400 takes about 3 hours to get fully charged. This is a little long, but the battery size is also big.

The battery life of XB400 earphones is the main attraction for the buyers. You will always be proud of it when it comes to battery life.

When it comes to sound quality, no one can doubt a brand like Sony. The same expertise can be seen in WI-XB400.

Maintaining vocal clarity also enhances all of your low-end frequencies for exceptional bass. Extra bass is the main focus here.

The audio quality over voice calls is also very crisp & clear. The highs are good enough and the base is also pretty good.

The bass is very deep & punchy, but there is little or no noise cancellation. The neckband is extremely lightweight, weighing just 21g. You’ll never feel like you have them in your ears.

The only thing I didn’t like about XB400 is, it’s not waterproof. Hence, not a good choice if you’re looking for Bluetooth earphones for workout sessions. It was highly unexpected from Sony offering a Bluetooth earphone at Rs. 3000 without protection from water & dust.

Verdict: Sony WI-XB400 is a great choice if you want to enjoy the duo of excellent sound quality & long battery life. This premium headset is very durable & loved by the customers.


Sony XB400 Full Review

Conclusion | Wireless earphones & earbuds with high battery life

We are just done with the best wireless earphones with long battery life. We have tried to keep it short with the insights of each product.

You can choose any of them which suits your budget & needs. All earphones (or earbuds) offer high battery life, apart from giving excellent sound quality.

We have eliminated headsets that might offer long battery backups, but are terrible at other parameters. If you need the best battery life wireless earbuds, you can go with Airdopes 441 Pro. For neckbands, Oneplus bullets Z2 is the latest, as well as pocket friendly.


  • How do I check the battery percentage of my Bluetooth earphones?

After you connect the wireless headset with a smartphone, you can check the battery percentage at the top right corner. For a more detailed view of the device, go to your Bluetooth settings & select the paired device to check the Bluetooth headset’s battery status.

  • Which wireless headphones have the best battery life?

Wireless earbuds with long batteryTotal Battery life (Approx)Links (Amazon)
boAt Airdopes 441 Pro150 hours CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Buds Z238 hours CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Nord Mini30 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 141 TWS42 Hours CHECK PRICE
Oppo Enco Buds24 hours CHECK PRICE
Realme Buds Q230 hours CHECK PRICE
Neckbands with huge battery backup
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z230 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 330 Pro60 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+40 hours CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 33022-25 hours CHECK PRICE
Oppo Enco M3228 hours CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z17 hours CHECK PRICE
Sony WI-XB40015 hours CHECK PRICE

  • What are the best battery backup Bluetooth earphones under 2000?

boAt Rockerz 330 & Airdopes 441.

  • How long do wireless earbuds last?

Most earbuds come with a cell with a size of 35-40 mAh in them. Additionally, their charging case has a giant battery that ranges up to 1200-2500 mAh. With such numbers in mind, you can expect a pair of earbuds to last about 20 to 150 hours. After all, it depends on the manufacturer how big size batteries they provide.

  • Which earbuds have the longest battery life?

Airdopes 441 Pro has the longest battery life, 150 hours.

  • How to check Bluetooth headphone battery?
  1. Connect the headset to your smartphone or laptop.
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings.
  3. Locate your Bluetooth headset/earbuds on the device last and tap once.
  4. This will show you the remaining battery level in percentage.
  • What is the standby time for Bluetooth headphones?

Standby time for Bluetooth headphones is the amount of time that the headphones can remain powered on and connected to a device before needing to be recharged. The average standby time for Bluetooth headphones is around 10 hours, though this will vary depending on the make and model of the headphones. Some high-end models may have a standby time of up to 20 hours.

  • How to increase the battery life of Bluetooth earphones?

Here are a few things you can do to increase the battery life of your Bluetooth earphones:

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the software for your headphones. Older versions may not be as efficient in power usage.
  2. Avoid using Bluetooth features that you don’t need, such as voice calling or audio streaming. These features use more power than simply leaving the Bluetooth connection active.
  3. Turn off your Bluetooth earphones when you’re not using them. This will prevent them from unnecessarily draining power.
  4. If your headphones support it, enable power saving mode. This can help to extend the battery life by reducing the amount of time that the headphones stay actively connected.
  5. Make sure that the batteries in your Bluetooth earphones are fresh. Older batteries will not hold a charge as well as new ones.
  6. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, as this can damage the battery.
  7. If possible, store your Bluetooth earphones in a cool, dry place when not in use.