Best JLab wireless earbuds reviews

Whether driving, having an online meeting, exercising, or listening to music, a cord of handsfree in the way can be a constant nuisance. If you are also a comfort-loving consumer, then you must be willing to start a wire-free lifestyle.
To assist our readers in choosing a good pair of earbuds, we have made a list of some best Jlab wireless earbuds that will also be light on your pocket as the price starts from $25.

Furthermore, there are a couple of other things that you must keep in your mind while buying a pair of wireless earphones. Read the six best wireless earbuds reviews list to see which pair suits your budget and requirements!

Best JLab Bluetooth Earbuds to Buy

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1. JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

If getting a smaller and slimmer pair of earbuds is your priority, then Jlab Go Air True wireless earbuds are the perfect suggestion. Also, they are suitable for small ears and well-known for their battery timing and compact design.

JLab Go Air offers 5 hours of playtime in each earbud and 15+ extra hours from the charging case making a total of 20+ hours of playtime. You can listen to music and recharge it without hassle through an integrated charging cable. However, it does not support modern Type-C charging but uses a USB cable.

JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

Moreover, the auto-connect feature allows the device to connect automatically once the pair of earbuds is fully charged. You don’t need to connect the device repeatedly.

Also, JLab Go Air TWS provides the latest Bluetooth v5.0, endowing the best dual connectivity, stability, and power consumption. You can smoothly switch the connection from smartphone to tablet. Additionally, it offers the mono-mode feature, allowing you to use a single earbud simultaneously.

Besides that, the IP44 splashproof rating keeps the JLab Go Air TWS protected from sweat and water splashes. However, you must avoid wearing them while swimming.

If we talk about the sound quality, JLab Go Air provides the clear sound as it features 8mm, neodymium drivers. Also, the built-in MEMS microphone allows clear calls through each piece.

You can choose the sound profile depending on your preference since JLab Go Air comes in a JLab signature, bass, and balanced mode. You can do it with touch sensors in minimal time as there is no requirement to download the apps. While the bass is decent enough for JLab go air, noise cancellation is average, meaning that you can’t expect too much out of it.

  • Truly wireless earbuds with BT v5.0
  • Smart touch controls
  • Compact design
  • Dual connect
  • IP44 sweatproof
  • 3 EQ settings
  • Decent bass
  • up to 20 hours battery
  • 2 years warranty
  • No ANC
  • Old IP44 rating

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2. JLab Epic Air Sport Earbuds with ANC

Look no further if you’re a fitness fanatic and hunting for sport-friendly earbuds. JLab Epic Air Sport earpieces are the perfect product under $100 for people who want to enjoy jogging and running without hindrance while wearing the earbuds. Their great design and ear-hooks allow consumers to continue their moving activity for a long time.

JLab Epic Air Sport Earbuds with ANC

Moreover, the active noise cancellation (ANC) property allows noise-free music and clear calls preventing unwanted noise from ever reaching your ears. Each earbud consists of three mics; all six work together to invalidate the noise and provide the consumers with uninterrupted audio wherever they move.

Also, they feature 70+ hours of Bluetooth 5 playtime as 15+ hours come from each earbud, and the charging case adds another 55+ hours of playtime. The IP66 waterproof rating makes it the best version if you’re a gym addict.

Besides that, there is an exceptional JLab Air ANC application that allows users to choose touch control settings, customize the sound effects and select the best sound profile among bass boost mode, bass mode, and JLab signature. Also, this pair of earbuds has three modes: ANC on, ANC off, and Be Aware mode, allowing outside noises to pass through.

Furthermore, you can use one earbud at a time or use both. Also, both earbuds connect to the device automatically. There is no need to connect again and again. The low latency mode makes your movie and gaming hours more remarkable.
The earbuds are designed with infrared sensors, which allow sound to get stopped when you put them off.

  • JLab earbuds for sports
  • IP66 rated waterproof
  • C3 calling
  • Dual connectivity
  • Wear detect sensor
  • 3 Modes: ANC on/off & be aware mode
  • Decent bass
  • 70+ hours playtime
  • Wireless charging support
  • 2 years warranty
  • Noise cancellation is not too effective
  • Old USB-A charging support

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3. JLab JBuds Air Icon Headphones

Air Icon Bluetooth earbuds are pocket-friendly pairs of headphones that come as low as $30 and offer all the essential features. Also, it’s time to say goodbye to broken and interrupted connections because the Bluetooth v5.0 chipset gives the best stability and connectivity to the ears.

Moreover, gym-going consumers would love to buy one as the JBuds Air icon supports the IP55-rated sweat resistance feature. This property secures the earbuds from moisture and dust ingress, so you never have to worry during workouts and travel. Further, they offer single and dual connectivity, meaning you can use either earbuds or switch between your laptop & smartphone.

JLab JBuds Air Icon Bluetooth earbuds

Besides that, you will experience outstanding sound quality, better control over calls, music, and access to voice assistants with only one touch sensor at this affordable price. The JBuds Air icon supports custom EQ3 sound and has got advanced microphone with stereo audio for calls like the other JLab Bluetooth earbuds. Enjoy crystal clear conversations with your friends anywhere, anytime, along with your personal preference between three options, including JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost modes.

Lastly, the JLab Jbud Air icon earphones give approximately a battery backup of 24 hours. Further, you can expect 6 hours of playtime if the earbuds are fully charged.

The Air icon earbuds are compact, including the charger case, and can fit in any pocket of your bag or jacket. However, they have a rigid and solid structure. The outside lights will help you know how much power your earbuds have.

  • Excellent material quality
  • IP55 sweat resistant
  • Dual connectivity
  • Mono mode
  • 3EQ modes
  • Superb sound quality
  • Stereo calls & touch controls
  • 24 hours total playtime
  • 2 years warranty
  • Little bigger tip sizes

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4. JLab JBuds Air Play Gaming Earbuds

If you love to play interactive games, then you must be willing to have the best earbuds to enjoy gaming to the fullest. Therefore, AirPlay JBuds from JLab can be a good suggestion and would be light on your pocket too.

These earbuds are perfect for cloud gaming enthusiasts who’re fond of playing Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite to Clash Royale games on smartphones. However, Air Play earbuds do not go with console gaming such as Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

JLab JBuds Air Play Gaming earbuds

JLab JBuds Air Play gives long battery life in which the charging case includes 6.5+ hours of playtime and 24+ extra hours of playtime from the charging case. That makes 30+ total hours of Bluetooth 5 playtime. Through the charging case, you can give power to earbuds four times.

These earphones have a dual microphone; one mic picks up and removes unwanted noise, while the other picks up your sound for clear conversation. Also, you can choose a mode among the three modes JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost.

On the other hand, they offer extra low latency mode, which helps you to listen to the sound of explosions, footsteps, and other movements of your enemies. Furthermore, this feature boosted the video quality as well. Furthermore, JLab Air Play earbuds automatically connect to the recognized devices taking no time. Although, these are not sweating-resistant.

  • JLab earbuds for gaming
  • Best for cloud gaming
  • 3 EQ modes
  • C3 chatting
  • Amplified bass
  • Super low latency mode
  • Dual connect
  • Up to 30 hours battery backup
  • 2 years warranty
  • Not to be used with any console devices
  • Not sweatproof
  • No ANC

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5. JLab Epic Air Earbuds with ANC

People with a great fondness for music never travel out without listening to songs. Thus, they look for the perfect earbuds with never-ending battery timing. For this purpose, JLab Epic Air earbuds work best! They give 48+ hours of Bluetooth 5 playtime.

Epic Air Earbuds come with active noise cancellation property, allowing you to hear the sound the way you want. The three modes are ANC on, ANC off, and Be Aware mode (allowing other sounds to pass through) helps you control the outside noise. Be Aware mode lets you hear your friends while listening to music. The ANC mode cancels the undesirable surrounding noise and helps you enjoy your favorite playlist.

JLab Epic Air ANC headphones

Furthermore, the low latency mode minimizes the audio lag, so the sound matches up to the screen. Therefore, you can make your movie-watching experience memorable.

Through the JLab Air ANC application, you can customize the active noise control settings, touch controls, and sounds as per your personal choices. Further, you can select among the three modes, JLab Signature, Balance, or Bass Boost.

Besides that, get your software updated immediately when you see the updates available on the application or play store. 

ore, the low latency mode minimizes the audio lag, so the sound matches up to the screen. Therefore, you can make your movie-watching experience memorable.

Through the JLab Air ANC application, you can customize the active noise control settings, touch controls, and sounds as per your personal choices. Further, you can select among the three modes, JLab Signature, Balance, or Bass Boost.

Besides that, get your software updated immediately when you see the updates available on the application or play store.

  • JLab earbuds with ANC
  • IP55 waterproof
  • 3 EQ settings
  • Low latency movie mode
  • Dual connect & wear sensors
  • Smart noise cancellation
  • C3 calling
  • ANC on/off & be aware mode
  • Up to 48 hours backup
  • Wireless charging support
  • 2 years warranty
  • Cable provided is too short
  • Old Type-A charging (Type-C is preferred)
  • Some users faced app issues

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6. JLab JBuds Air Executive Wireless Earbuds

Winding up our list with Air Executive wireless earbuds, all essential features for consumers’ everyday use. They are comfortable to your ears with three sets of gel tips and cloud foam ear tips. Further, JBuds Air Executive is backed with Bluetooth v5.0 so that you can enjoy music incessantly. Also, there is no need to connect the recognized device repeatedly.

It doesn’t provide active noise cancellation; however, the sound quality is fine. Moreover, it supports stereo audio and C3 calling from an internal microphone. One mic removes undesired sound while the other picks up for crystal clear conversations.

JLab JBuds Air Executive headphones

The intelligent and advanced touch sensors control music and phone calls with just a tap or hold and provide consumers with interrupted music, clear calls, and voice assistants. You can select any mode without an application, including JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost modes.

Due to the IP55 dust and water resistance, JLab JBuds Air Executive earbuds would be great if you’re a fitness freak. Also, they are available at a low price of $50.

The Be Aware mode lets the surrounding noise pass through for safe listening even when traveling. You can use them for up to 30 hours without gaps, as the compact case provides 24+ additional hours of playtime. Earbuds are charged automatically when placed in the case that recharges with the integrated patent-pending USB cable.
Besides that, JLab Air Executive TWS comes with two years warranty.

  • Pocket friendly JLab earbuds with BT v5.0
  • IP55 water & dust resistance
  • True comfort
  • Auto connect
  • 3 EQ modes
  • Great sound quality
  • C3 calling with 2 mics
  • 30+ hours of overall playtime
  • 2 years warranty
  • No ANC
  • Background noise during calls

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Conclusion | Top JLab Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews

After the reviews of the top 6 JLab earbuds, you are now aware of their pros & cons, merits & shortcomings. Regardless of any model, all of them come with amazing sound quality.

If you would like to know our opinion, you can go with JLab Epic air sports or JLab go air if you need it on budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are JLab earbuds waterproof?

Yes, almost all JLab headphones come with either IP44, IP55 or IP66 waterproof & dustproof design.

  • Do JLab earbuds have a mic?

Definitely, they have. JLab earbuds are known for their best C3 calling feature with multiple microphones system.

  • How to increase volume on JLab earbuds?

You can’t adjust volume with the earbuds alone. Either use the JLab app or increase/decrease it from your device.

  • Skullcandy wireless earbuds vs JLab wireless earbuds which is better?

Skullcandy earbuds are suitable for general purposes & they are light on your pocket. On the other side, JLab TWS earbuds are suitable for the gym, sports & noise cancellation.

  • How to charge JLab wireless earbuds?

You can charge the earbuds by placing them inside the charging case. The charging case can be charged with the inbuilt type-A USB cable, or wireless charger (few JLab models support it).

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