Best Jaybird Wireless Earbuds Reviews

Wireless earbuds are too common these days & each of us wants to enjoy music, movies, games, etc. without any wires involved. But when there’re countless options available in the market, how to choose the best one?

We look at the design, build quality & test the sound quality before making a purchase. To save your time & headache in doing all these, we have done the proper market research & listed the Best Jaybird wireless earbuds & earphones that you can buy without a second thought.

Top Jaybird Wireless Earbuds & Earphones Reviews

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Jaybird Bluetooth Earbuds Models

1. Jaybird Vista 2 TWS Review

It is the upgraded version of Jaybird Vista. If you are looking for the best-in-class sound quality with noise cancellation, it’s a perfect choice.

Let’s talk about the design part. the 3 ear gels allow you to have the perfect fit for long listening hours. The earbuds are very durable.

Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless headphones

The IP68 waterproof design keeps it safe from all kinds of liquids, be it water or sweat. That’s how the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds are eligible to join your gym & workout sessions.

Even the power case comes with an IP54 splashproof design. Here, we must mention that Jaybird Vista 2 has won the “best workout headphones 2021” awards.

The sound quality is equally important for any earphone. With Jaybird Vista 2, the active noise cancelling feature cuts out the background noise so that you remain virtually isolated with your music.

Not only this but the surroundsense keeps you updated about what’s happening in your surroundings. You can stay aware of it without turning off the music.

To sum up, the 6mm milled drivers, ANC & customized equalizer profiles in the app let you control the way you want to listen.

So you struggle at your meetings & calls to get heard? Not anymore because these jaybird wireless earbuds have 2 beamforming microphones each which facilitates crystal clear calls & voice assistant accessibility.

Lastly, this jaybird latest earbuds won’t disappoint you with the battery. The fully charged earbuds last for almost 8 hours. After that, the charging case pours another 16 hours of juice, making it a total of 24 hours.

For people rushing towards the office, charge the jaybird vista 2 earbuds for just 5 minutes & enjoy the music while commuting for 1 hour. The case supports wireless charging.

  • Premium gym friendly earbuds
  • IP68 waterproof design
  • Durability
  • ANC & SurroundSense features
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Clear calls
  • Customization available in the app
  • 24 hours playtime
  • Quick charging
  • Wireless charging support
  • Connectivity issues (sometimes)
  • Wind filter is not too effective

Why Buy? If you are looking for the best pair of earbuds for sports & running, go with Jaybird Vista 2. This award-winning product has everything we should look for, be it the best sound quality, battery or design.

The noise cancellation is excellent & by the way you can customize it in the app. Overall, a quality product from Jaybird at decent pricing.

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2. Jaybird Vista Sports Bluetooth Earbuds for Running

This model is the earlier version of what we already have discussed. If you are searching for premium sports earbuds on budget, your search ends here.

Are these Jaybird earbuds waterproof? Yes, they are fully waterproof & dustproof with the IPX7 rated design. With the IPX7 coating, it can withstand any odd weather conditions & keep it safe from sweat.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless earbuds

But this is not the only reason why we are recommending this for workouts. You get 3 sizes of ear gels which guarantees an ultra-comfortable, safe & secure fit regardless of how intense you are doing physically.

We observe ear hooks on the side of each earbud, which ensures tight, anti-fall wearing. That’s how you can enjoy music while running. Above all, the lightweight design makes it all easy.

Jaybird vista TWS is passed all the durability tests, such as shock, vibration, winds, accidental drops, humidity, etc. Hence, we can’t doubt its durability.

Not let’s shift towards the sound quality. The 6mm highly efficient, compact drivers give the supreme sound quality. The overall sound is very balanced than other brands.

The best part about Jaybird Vista headphones is the customization available in the app. Enjoy the premium sound and custom EQ as per your choice. You can do a lot of stuff in the app such as find the missing earbud, monitor the battery level & more.

The passive noise cancellation is so good that you won’t hear anything around. However, there is no ambient mode. In order to talk to your loved ones, you have to take the earbuds off.

Finally, time to discuss the battery & charging of Jaybird Vista. The earbuds last for about 6 hours after a full charge. The power case provides extra 10 hours of backup, taking total music to 16 hours.

Additionally, fast charging gives 1 hour of playtime upon powering them up for just 5 minutes.

  • Premium wireless earbuds for gym & sports
  • IPX7 rated splashproof
  • Multi-spec standards tested
  • Secure & anti-fall wearing
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Customizations with Jaybird app
  • Single-mode
  • Total 16 hours of playtime
  • Fast charging
  • No passthrough mode
  • Battery life (per charge cycle) could be better

Why Buy? You have just hunted down the best pair of sports earbuds, i.e, jaybird Vista. The most convincing part I found is its latest IPX7 coating. Now enjoy your workouts fearlessly than ever.

Apart from that, these Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds are highly recommended because of their excellent sound quality, noise cancellation & battery backup. It’s arguably the best Jaybird earbuds for running. Overall a good deal on this budget.

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3. Jaybird Run XT Wireless Earphones Review

This is also compliant with your workouts, but a little old model. For people looking for truly wireless earbuds under $50 for the gym, here we go.

Jaybird Run XT Wireless Earphones

You get interchangeable ear tips & fins which provides optimum fit to any size of ears, with true comfort. So these jaybird earbuds are for small ears as well. The hooks on the upper side stick to your ears like a worm, for foolproof wearing.

Next, the Jaybird RUN XT earbuds come with an IPX7 coating. But how does it matter? This double hydrophobic nano-coating protects them in case they come in contact with water, dust or sweat. That’s how you focus more on your workouts than worrying about safety.

Above all, these lightweight earbuds are so comfortable that you won’t feel them on your ears. Now get better control over music & calls. Manage everything with the push of a single button on the right earbud.

Personalize the sound with the user-friendly Jaybird app. There’s a lot of EQ customizations available which improves the way you want to enjoy your music. Pump the bass or treble & save the sound profile in moments.

The smart dynamic drivers deliver clear, crisp, high-quality premium sound quality across all your Bluetooth enabled devices. However, do not expect too great noise cancellation on this budget.

Next, you get 4 hours of seamless music after having the fully charged earbuds. This is not too good, because we have seen how other Jaybird Bluetooth earphones offer better playtime.

Secondly, the charging case provides another 8 hours of playtime. Jaybird Run XT supports fast charging, just like we have seen in other models.

  • Affordable wireless earbuds for sports
  • IPX7 rated waterproof
  • Sports fit
  • Button controls
  • Rich sound quality with EQ
  • Manage bass & treble in the app
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • Fast charging
  • Noticable delay on sound & video
  • Poor battery backup

Why Buy? If your priority is to get a pair of truly wireless Jaybird earbuds for the gym on a budget, this is what you should be looking for. Despite being priced low, we have IPX7 protection.

Though the battery life is just 4 hours, it’s far enough to complete your workout sessions. To sum up, we get all the essential features which are required to enjoy music at the gym.

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Jaybird Neckband Wireless Earphones

  1. Jaybird x4 Headphone (Neckband Style)

Looking for a perfect neckband headset for sports & gym? If yes, Jaybird X4 earphone is a great fit to meet all your needs during the workout sessions.

I am highly impressed with the metallic finish body of this neckband. It gives a premium look that makes you stand out. Enjoy the music without distractions with the ultra-soft ear gels, providing true comfort all the time.

Jaybird Tarah Headphone

Don’t cancel hour workout sessions just because it’s raining. X4 Jaybird earphone is built to withstand water, dust & sweat with the IPX7 coating. They are fully sweatproof & compatible with any weather conditions.

It’s super easy to start with. Just turn on the Bluetooth on the earphone & your device, select the earphone & you’re ready to go. Do more with the on-cable controls: manage calls, skip a track or access voice assistants.

Next, let’s have a look at the sound quality. Feel the truly premium sound quality with the Jaybird X4 wireless earphone. Get the best of custom EQ, all inside the app.

Increase the bass or treble, all is possible in the Jaybird app. Do Jaybirds earphones have a mic? The integrated mic allows you to get access to hands-free calls & meetings.

Lastly, the Jaybird X4 headset provides 6 hours of seamless music upon a single charge. Honestly speaking, it’s not too great. You get better playtime with other wireless earphones available for under 100 dollars.

To compensate, the fast charging delivers 1 hour of juice after a 10-minute short charging session.

  • Neckband earphone with metallic finish design
  • IPX7 rated waterproof
  • Sports fit
  • Premium sound
  • Comfortable
  • Custom EQ settings
  • Buttons to manage music & calls
  • 6 hours playtime
  • Fast charging
  • Low battery backup
  • Micro-USB cable instead of Type-C

Why Buy? Jaybird X4 wireless headset is great if you’re looking for a companion for your gym. The physical appearance is top-notch, & so is the sound quality.

In fact, this headset is designed especially for workout sessions & they fit great to ears. The earbuds don’t fall even when running or biking.

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Conclusion | Jaybird Earbuds Reviews

After the Jaybird Bluetooth earphones reviews, you are now well aware of the pros & cons of all models. But all of them have one thing in common ” all are made for gym & sports, and are waterproof”.

So if you are willing to enjoy music during running, gym or sports, look no further & go with any of Jaybird earbuds or earphones. In our opinion, you can choose either Jaybird Vista 2 OR Jaybird Vista.

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