best boat airdopes in India reviews

Do you want wireless earbuds to enjoy music & calls? boAt is the #1 brand that comes to mind when we want to buy wireless earbuds. Today, we are listing the best boAt airdopes in India available for every pocket size – Rs. 3000, 2000, or even 1500. But which boat airdopes is best?

boAt airdopes wireless earbuds are famous because of their supreme sound quality, modernized charging & long battery life & awesome design. Moreover, they are very pocket-friendly & customer service is excellent throughout India. That’s how boAt emerges as the leader, dominating the wireless earbuds market in India.

But before we jump to the list of best boAt airdopes to buy, I want you to know about their core-benefits. Of course there are many, but let’s have an overview.

Why You Should Have a Pair of boAt Earbuds?

I have been using wireless earbuds for the last 1.5 years and now I am qualified enough to outline the main benefits:

1. Convenience: No one likes the wires around the neck. Getting boAt airdopes offers you the convenience you deserve. There’s no involvement with nitty-gitty wires and you enjoy music with comfort.

2. Hands-free Calls: Since All boAt Airdopes models come with inbuilt – microphones, you can move freely into your home while the conversation or meetings are going on. Nothing will hold you back from multitasking.

3. Excellent Battery Backup: Traditional wired earphones suck out your phone’s battery. But boAt TWS have their own small cells, along with the giant power case. They offer battery backup for several days without needing to charge. I have boAt Airdopes 441 Pro which gives me about 15-20 days of battery life and I use it 3-4 hours daily.

4. Controls at Fingertips: boAt Airdopes have smart touch control panels which are sensitive. Touch them to change or pause/resume the track, reject a call, etc. They will literally simplify your life and you don’t need to peep at your phone for these minor tasks: a healthy step towards digital wellbeing!

Best boAt Airdopes in India

Best boAt Airdopes Under 3000Links (Amazon)
boAt Airdopes 441 Pro CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 621 CHECK PRICE
Best boAt Airdopes Under 2000 & 1500
boAt Airdopes 441 CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 141 CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 171 CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 181 Check Price
Best boAt Airdopes Under 1000
boAt Airdopes 121v2 CHECK PRICE

boAt Airdopes under 3000-

  1. boAt Airdopes 441 Pro (Massive Battery)
  • 150 hours of battery backup
  • boAt signature sound
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • IWP technology
  • 1-year warranty

I have personally used boAt Airdopes 441 Pro for the last 1.5 years. I am satisfied with the huge battery backup it provides, I never have to worry about charging, power cuts, etc.

441 pro earbuds shot

It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 for seamless connectivity & optimum power utilization. Ergonomically designed ear-tips are responsible for great comfort to ears & soul.

boAt 441 pro TWS are the best fit for your gym & running activities since they are made IPX7 waterproof.

Just put them on & start the music, never worry about damage due to sweat or water splashes, instead focus on your workout.

However, I struggle with these earbuds when I want to enjoy music at bedtime. They de-taches from ears after a while. Not a very important point, but thought of mentioning it.

Enjoy boAt signature sound with boAt airdopes pro, like every other boAt true wireless earbuds. Rich HD and crystal clear sound quality is guaranteed. Hands-free calls & voice assistants access was never easy before.

But, you need to speak a bit louder during meetings & calls (don’t yell!). Smart touch controls are really smart to control the way you want to enjoy music. Play, pause, skip or answer/reject calls without touching the smartphone.

Best part about boAt airdopes 441 pro is its massive battery backup. The 2600 mAh huge power case offers almost 150+ hours of playtime.

Charging speed is very fast with type-C cable. Never compromise with your music just because your battery ran out in the middle of a long drive.

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boAt Airdopes 441 pro Review

2. boAt Airdopes 621

  • Immersive boAt signature sound
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • Fast charging
  • 150 hours aggregate playback

If you want insanely long battery backups with your boAt airdopes, you should prefer a big-size power case & fast charging. Both are core features of Airdopes 621.

boAt Airdopes 621 Truly Wireless Earbuds

These ergonomically designed earbuds are equipped with BT v5.0 for flawless music. IWP technology means the earbuds get connected as soon as they are out of the charging case (to the last paired device).

boAt airdopes 621 is rated IPX7 waterproof, hence it is gym compliant. The water and sweat shield protect it from splashes. Now focus on your workout, instead of bothering about earbuds’ safety.

Playing/pausing music or managing calls is quick & easy with smart touch-sensitive controls. Say ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hello Siri‘ with one-touch voice assistant support. Airdopes 621 is among the top 5 best boat airdopes.

boat airdopes 621 bluetooth earbuds battery life

Every boAt airdopes in India come with boAt signature sound. The immersive sound gives a thumping listening experience that is truly mesmerizing to the heart.

We have 6 mm dynamic drivers with earbuds for thumping bass. The mics on both the earbuds provide you with crisp & clear call quality, completely handsfree!

However, there is no or little notice of cancellation is there. To sum up, it is a good candidate to be among the best boAt airdopes under 3000 to buy.

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boAt Airdopes 621 Review

Best boAt Airdopes Under 2000 & Rs. 1500-

1. boAt Airdopes 441 TWS (Perfect for Gym)

  • 25 hours of playtime
  • IWP technology
  • boAt signature sound
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Hands-free calls

boAt Airdopes 441 is just another version of Airdopes 441 pro. It has almost everything that the 441 Pro offers, except the battery.

boat airdopes 441 true wireless earbuds

It offers a truly wireless experience with Bluetooth v5.0. Ergonomically & aesthetically designed earbuds offer an immersive listening experience, what every music lover desires.

Airdopes 441 TWS are rated IPX7 waterproof, and hence, are eligible to enter your gym. If you compare boAt 441 & 441 pro, the sound quality is exactly the same. Both offer boAt HD signature sound.

There is no active noise cancellation in boAt 441. However, it is able to suppress most of the surrounding noise to a level. Do boAt airdopes 441 have a microphone? Yes, basic features – hands-free calling, voice assistants, etc. – are supported.Boat TWS 441

With IWP support, just take the earbuds out of your charging case, & they will get connected automatically to the last paired device. No manual intervention is required. A very high number of sales each day make it to the list of the best boAt airdopes under 3000.

Coming to the battery, it offers 5 hours of playtime with fully charged earbuds. The power case provides an additional 25 hours of playtime.

It also supports Type-C chargers. The charging time is approx 90 minutes. A good set of Bluetooth earbuds under 2500 with excellent benefits.

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boAt Airdopes 441 Review

2. boAt Airdopes 141 (Most loved)

  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • Smart Touch Controls
  • IPX4 rated splashproof
  • 600 mAh huge power case
  • 1-year warranty

Who doesn’t want a marathon battery life that too at the cheapest possible price? Presenting the best boat airdopes under 1500 Rs. with the biggest ever battery.

boat airdopes 141 true wireless earbuds

Though most boAt airdopes under 1500 end up giving moderate battery life, Airdopes 141 changes this perception.

Talking about connectivity, it comes with Bluetooth v5.0 for seamless connectivity & best power utilization.

Just take the earbuds out of the power case & they are ready to connect to the last paired device, automatically.

boAt airdopes 141 are IPX4 rated waterproof and touch-sensitive panel let you control the way you want to enjoy music, calls & access voice assistants.

Needless to say, this boAt airdopes also come with boAt signature sound. The 8 mm dynamic drivers boost the sound, giving a decent bass quality.

boat airdopes 141 launched with 42 hours battery backup

Phone call conversations are super clear with the 2-mic system. The downside is, you can’t control volume wirelessly. However, none of the best boat airdopes list has a volume control features till date.

Now it’s time for the interesting section, the battery & charging. It’s a boon for people who want to enjoy music day & night, without fearing the battery running out.

With its dopest battery backup, you get up to 42 hours of total playback. The fully charged earbuds last for 6 hours.

Thanks to fast charging, just plug the boAt airdopes 141 power case for 5 minutes, and truly enjoy wireless life for the next 75 minutes.

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boAt Airdopes 141 Review

3. boAt Airdopes 171 (On a Budget)

  • boAt signature sound
  • IPX4 rated waterproof
  • Ergonomically designed, for comfort
  • Fast charging

If you want to live a truly wireless lifestyle, but have budget constraints, boAt airdopes are available as low as Rs. 1500. Airdopes 171 makes it to the best boat airdopes list.

boat 171 earbuds

Don’t worry about surprise connection dropouts because boAt 171 earbuds come with Bluetooth v5.0. Ergonomically designed earbuds leave no stone unturned to deliver amazing comfort all the time.

Get ready to enjoy a true wireless experience with full control over your music, thanks to touch controls.

Best wireless neckbands

It’s fine that boAt airdopes 171 are IPX4 rated splashproof, but the rating is a little older. But since it’s one of boAt airdopes under 1500, can’t expect any more at this price.

Coming to sound quality, never underestimate boAt in their field of expertise. It has twin wireless earbuds that possess 6mm, dynamic drivers, for enthralling audio bliss with immersive sound.

TWS Airdopes 171 sound quality

However, I am not satisfied with the bass quality, It’s almost negligible. Noise cancellation ability is average.

boAt Airdopes 171 support voice assistants like Google/Siri with a single touch. Call audio quality is crisp & clear having the in-built mic.

The battery part is also appreciable. You get to enjoy approx 3 hours per charging cycle with your earbuds. Additionally, the charging case powers an extra 10 hours of happiness.

Fast charging in boAt airdopes 171 TWS changes the entire game. Just charge the earbuds for 10 minutes, & get ready to rock for 60 minutes.

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boAt Airdopes 171 Review

Best boAt Airdopes Under 1000-

1. boAt Airdopes 121v2 (Value for Money)

  • Up to 14 hours long battery backup
  • HD sound quality
  • Lightweight design
  • 1-year warranty

The best thing about boAt Airdopes is they are available for every budget. You get to enjoy wireless music for as low as Rs. 1200.

boAt Airdopes 121v2 earbuds review

boAt airdopes 121v2 earbuds are lightweight in design (4g per earbuds) so you never feel them onto your ears.

It comes with a dual-tone finished ergonomic design for a comfortable listening experience. Rest assured to get a seamless connectivity experience with the latest Bluetooth v5.0.

Control your music, calls & access voice assistants with button controls. boAt Airdopes 121v2 earbuds are smart enough to connect to the last paired device automatically.

It offers a truly wireless experience with real-time high-definition audio. The 8mm dynamic drivers pump out immersive audio all day long.

boat airdopes 121v2 power case digital display

The HD sound quality is great and the bass quality is decent if not too deep. The stereo calling feature allows you to have clearer phone calls, fully wirelessly. If you need the best boat airdopes for music, that too at a cheap price, 121v2 is good.

With integrated cells inside, boAt Airdopes 121v2 earbuds offer 3.5 hours of backup per charge cycle.

Not only this but the 380 mAh charging case delivers up to 14 hours long playback once fully charged.

We can power up the power case with a micro-USB cable. The LED indicator on the case displays the remaining power level.

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boAt Airdopes 121v2 Review

Conclusion | Best boAt Airdopes to Buy

After the best-selling best boat airdopes reviews, you are aware of each one’s pros & cons, sound quality & battery backup. boAt airdopes are available for every budget, be it Rs. 3000, 2000, or even 1500.

All boAt airdopes reviewed above are highly loved by people who are using them. All are best according to their price tag. But the higher the budget you have, the more advanced features you’re going to enjoy.

But which boat airdopes is best? In our opinion, boAt Airdopes 441 Pro is made for people who live in a locality where electricity is a problem.

However, the 441 non-Pro version provides the same features with a slashed battery life. You can go for it & saving few hundreds extra.

If you want the best boAt airdopes with all essential features at under 1500, Airdopes 141 OR boAt Airdopes 121v2 is a wise choice.

FAQs | Best boAt Airdopes For Music

  • Which boat airdopes are best?

These are the best boAt Airdopes listed according to their price-

Best boAt Airdopes Under 3000Links (Amazon)
boAt Airdopes 441 Pro CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 621 CHECK PRICE
Best boAt Airdopes Under 2000 & 1500
boAt Airdopes 441 CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 141 CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 171 CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 181 Check Price
Best boAt Airdopes Under 1000
boAt Airdopes 121v2 CHECK PRICE

  • How good are boat airdopes?

All the boAt airdopes come with boAt signature HD sound quality. Hence, they all provide an immersive listening experience, hands-free calls & long battery backup. Most importantly, you get to enjoy a truly wire-free lifestyle.

  • Can boAt Airdopes be connected to an iPhone?

Yes, they can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device. iPhones are no different.

  • Which boAt Airdopes are the best under 1500 rupees?

Go with Airdopes 141 OR Airdopes 121v2 as they are highly loved products on a budget of Rs. 1500.

  • Is there an app for boAt Airdopes?

No, boAt company do not provide any apps for music settings, bass changes, etc. All these music parameters are pre-set and can’t be altered. However, there may be some third-party apps that offer similar functions but no official apps yet.

  • Is boAt an Indian company?

Yes, they are Indian.

How To Choose The Right boAt Airdopes?

  • Design & Build Quality: The pair of earbuds you have selected should not come heavy. Lightweight design will not make you suffer even after listening for long hours. Secondly, they should be ergonomically designed. Touch control has to be responsive. Always prefer waterproof airdopes with at least IPX5 rating.
  • Driver Size: Almost all boAt airdopes have signature sound & mic, but the driver size plays an important role. Cheap models come with 8mm drivers, while some high-end ones have 10mm drivers (and beyond). Also, I prefer Bluetooth v5.0 or above & avoid older versions, as they will cause connectivity & range issues.
  • Battery & Charging: This is the crucial part. Look at how much longer battery life company is promising in every model of boAt Airdopes. In 90% of cases it is what you’ll get at 50% volume. Check for actual battery size (mAh). Prefer Type-C charging over older standards.

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