best bluetooth earphones for bass

Are you a bass lover, looking for Bluetooth earphones with deep bass? Do you want an earphone/earbuds with a balanced bass & treble?

Then today this post is gonna reveal the top 9 best Bluetooth Earphones For Bass in India with detailed reviews, pros & cons.

Just continue with us and by the end of the post, you will be able to figure out the best wireless earphones and earbuds with deep bass. Also, we have recommendations for every budget, be it Rs 1000, 2000 or even 3000 or more.

Best Bluetooth Earphones For Bass in India | Best Bass Earbuds

Bass Earphones/EarbudsBass Score (out of 5)Links (Amazon)
Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Earbuds4.1 CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z24.0 CHECK PRICE
OnePlus Nord BudsNew CHECK PRICE
Sony WI-XB400 Neckband3.9 CHECK PRICE
Jabra Elite 3 Earbuds4.1 CHECK PRICE
pTron Bassbuds Jade4.2 CHECK PRICE
Oppo Enco M32 Neckband3.9 CHECK PRICE
boAt Airdopes 441 TWS3.8 CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 330 Neckband3.8 CHECK PRICE
Boult Audio ProBass3.7 CHECK PRICE
Bass Headphones
boAt Rockerz 5104.1 CHECK PRICE
Infinity (JBL) Glide 5004.0 CHECK PRICE
boAt Rockerz 4004.1 CHECK PRICE

1. Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless Extra Bass Earbuds

If you are a true lover of deep bass, Sony XB700 is only made for you. It features extra bass for a seriously powerful, punchy low-end sound. Having a 12mm dynamic driver lets you enjoy the heavy bass sound all day.

Sony XB700 Bluetooth earbuds are ergonomically designed such that it contacts there points on your ear for maximum comfort.

With theIPX4 rating, splashes and sweat have no way to stay on the earbuds, So, it is also good to have them at the gym.

The buttons on the earbuds guarantee a truly wireless life by giving control over music, calls and voice assistants.

The power case is really beautiful to hold the earbuds. However, I was expecting Sony to give smart touch sensors instead of button controls.

Now coming to the sound quality, no need to explain much as we are familiar with the supreme audio quality of Sony.

It is coupled with an optimized antenna design & the low latency makes the movie experience enjoyable.

Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless Extra Bass Earbuds

Regarding the bass, already explained how dynamic drivers do their job nicely. You get to enjoy the truly deep & heavy bass with clear highs & lows.

No need to take your phone out of your pocket to take calls, thanks to hands-free calling. Several voice assistants are also supported.

Last but not least, the battery & charging part is also impressive. Sony WF-XB700 comes with a compact power case that can charge the earbuds 2 times.

One charge cycle to earbuds delivers the music for 9 hours. So you get a total of 18 hours of playtime.

The good part is the fast charging. You can charge the earbuds for 10 minutes to get 60 minutes of playback.

  • Truly wireless earbuds with heavy bass
  • Ergonomic Tri-hold structure to best fit
  • IPX4 sweatproof design
  • Button controls for music & call management
  • Excellent audio quality
  • 12mm driver unit for deep, punchy bass
  • Hands-free calls with the mic
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • Low latency enhances video watching experience
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • 9 hours playback per charge cycle
  • Fast charging: 60 mins backup on 10 mins charge
  • Warranty; 1 Year
  • Old IPX4 rating
  • Costly

Verdict: While Sony WF-XB700 is a one-stop choice for bass lovers, it delivers a lot of other features apart from that.

Be it the best-in-class audio quality or IPX4 rating, it makes your life truly wireless. However, it is expensive and may burn your pocket.

But don’t worry, we have other top-class BT bass earphones available for everyone and for every budget.

Bass Quality: 4.1/5

   check price at amazon

2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 Wireless Neckband

These Bullets Wireless Z2 neckband from OnePlus have a water resistance rating of IP55. Designed to fit your lifestyle with magnetic controls for comfort, the earbuds feature built-in AI noise cancellation technology.

OnePlus bullets wireless Z2 wireless neckband launch date in India

Enjoy loud and clear audio with anti-distortion technology that keeps music pure. They have 12.4 mm drivers to bring you deep bass and clear, loud sound, while keeping you moving at the gym or in the office. These extra bass Bluetooth earphones never fail to impress you.

The built-in microphone lets you capture crisp sounds and make crystal-clear hands-free calls. The Intelligent Noise Cancellation feature filters out background noise so you can have a more enjoyable conversation.

Enjoy high-definition audio in a noisy environment – even while traveling in a busy city or aboard a crowded subway car. They also support OnePlus fast pairing.

With 30 hours of battery backup (50% volume), you’ll have plenty of power to enjoy your favorite music. Furthermore, 10 minutes of charging provides 20 hours of usage. They’re also a newer model, so they’re better than OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z.

  • 12.4mm drivers for deep bass
  • Lightweight: only 26 grams
  • Skin friendly & ergonomically designed
  • Support Bluetooth v5.0 for stable connections
  • IP55 water-resistant body
  • Magnetic Controls
  • Loud and clear audio with anti-distortion technology
  • Crystal clear hands-free calls with AI noise cancellation
  • Supports fast pairing (but only with OnePlus phones)
  • Up to 30 hours long battery backup (at 50% volume)
  • Fast Type-C charging: charge it for 10 mins & get playtime up to 20 hours.
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Not preferred for low-latency gaming
  • Fast pairing is only available with OnePlus smartphones

Bass Quality: 4.0/5


OnePlus BWZ2 Full Details

3. Sony WI-XB400 Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Amazon’s Choice)

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Headphone

Are you a bass lover? Battery life is of the utmost importance to you? Then Sony XB400 is the right choice for you.

Sony WI-XB400 gives you extra bass with a deep music experience. It enhances all low-frequency for exceptional bass while maintaining voice clarity. For people in need of one of the best bass Bluetooth earphones under 3000, this Sony headset is definitely a yes.

Regarding the battery, it has quick charge support by which you get 60 minutes of seamless music upon a 10 minute charge.

Not only that, but Sony is all set to give you 15 hours of long battery life upon a full charge.

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Headphone

Speaking of design, it’s much more user-friendly as it weighs just 21g – a lightweight design. The built-in mic performs better in hands-free calls.

This Sony wireless earphone supports the latest type-C charging. Google’s Assistant also supports instant in-voice access to plenty of internet content.

The tangling issue is well handled by magnetic housing, with the earbuds sticking to each other when not in use. To simplify your life, it comes with inline buttons by which you can play/pause/skip through tracks or adjust the volume.

  • Extra bass earphone
  • Quick charge- 10 minute charge = 60 min music (15h battery backup)
  • Built-in mic for hands-free calls
  • Type-C charging
  • Lightweight design (21g)
  • Google Assistant support
  • Easy operations with buttons
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Comfortable
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Not splashproof
  • Noise cancellation could have been better

Verdict: Packed with the deep bass with supreme sound quality coming from Sony, the Wi-XB400 is a wise choice for bass lovers.

The marathon battery will never let you stop the music. Further, magnetic housing & comfort is assured.

However, it is not splashproof & has feeble noise cancellation. The long battery life along with the quick charge is great.

Furthermore, the inline button controls will make your life easier. You can see that user ratings are very, very good from the buyers, proving it is one of the best bass earphones in India, making it a good buy.

Bass Quality: 4.1/5

   check price at amazon

 4. Jabra Elite 3 Wireless Earbuds

Looking for Jabra wireless earbuds for androidIf you are a bass lover & have to check out the newly launched Jabra elite 3, you should definitely do. Apart from the deep bass, we have a lot of things to discuss.

Jabra Elite 3 in Ear Bluetooth Earbuds

With the 6mm speakers driver & class-leading customizations, you listen only to what you deserve. It delivers rich sound quality & deep, powerful bass with clear highs & lows.

Obviously, Jabra has taken care of your office meetings. It comes with the 4-microphone technology for crisp & clear calls with no wires involved.

Download the Jabra sound+ app & get access to the various sound customizations. Although Jabra Elite 3 does not have active noise cancellation (ANC), it is optimally designed for noise isolation.

It smartly escapes the stray noise signals so that you remain immersed in your music. With no ANC, Jabra has done the actual cost-cutting on the Elite 3 headset.

Even if you need to notice what’s going on around you, we have the HearThrough technology. It replays external sounds.

You can use either earbud, that’s what we can mono mode. Jabra Elite 3 is rainproof, thanks to IP55 protection. Don’t bother about dust & water coming your way.

Now talking about the battery, Elite 3 earbuds last for 7 hours per charge cycle. It’s sufficient for your entire day.

Furthermore, we have a compact charging case with which you can enjoy seamless music for up to 28 hours. We have one more reason to buy Jabra Elite 3, the fast charging.

So, never forcefully turn off your playlist just because it shows a single digit battery in the indicator. Because with Jabra elite 3 earbuds, that’s rarely gonna happen.

  • TWS earbuds with rich & powerful bass
  • 6mm speaker drivers
  • IP55 rated waterproof
  • Sleek design
  • Unique noise isolation
  • 4-mic system for crystal clear calls
  • Up to 28 hours of cumulative battery
  • 7 hours playtime per charge cycle
  • Fast charging support
  • 2 year warranty
  • No ANC
  • Less customizations on app

Bass Quality: 4.1/5


5. pTron Bassbuds Jade Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds

As the name suggests, these earbuds can be used while playing gaming. They are IPX4 rated. I am not satisfied with that. I was expecting IPX5 at least. Next, the Bluetooth v5.0 chipset facilitates the best stability, connectivity, and lower power utilisation during gaming, listening or video streaming.

pTron Bassbuds Jade Bluetooth Earbuds

These gaming wireless headphones have 60ms of ultra-low latency which ensures proper sync between audio and video. The snug fit design minimizes the external noise so you can enjoy music without disturbing others or being disturbed by them.

Talking about the sound quality, pTron Jade TWS delivers rich stereo sound with punchy bass and high fidelity audio–without any compromise on sound quality or comfort level. Connect these earphones with your smartphone and enjoy HD calling by using their dual microphones that make your voice clearer than ever before.

These earbuds have a battery capacity of 40 mAh, which is stored in each earbud. The total power of the 300 mAh charging case is enough to give you around 40 hours of backup. And it takes just 1.5 hours for a full charge.

You can store them in the charging case when you are not using them. Each earbud contains a 40 mAh cell. Additionally, the 300 mAh charging case has an LED for a premium look and feel. The takeaway is that if you are looking for an affordable wireless neckband with a good bass that is suitable for gaming, pTron Jade is a must-buy.

  • low latency wireless gaming earphones (60ms)
  • IPX4 rated splashproof
  • Snug fit
  • HD mics for calling
  • Deep bass
  • Lightweight & snug fit
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • 1-step pairing & stable connections
  • Precise touch controls
  • Up to 40 hours of backup
  • 1 year warranty
  • Old IPX4 rating
  • Charging case quality
  • Earbuds falling if used improperly

Bass Quality: 4.2/5


6. Oppo Enco M32 Neckband For Bass Lovers

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Earphone Review

Easily pair your phone with the Enco M32 Wireless Neckband, which provides a ten-millimeter driver and magnetic earphones that are comfortable even during workouts. This makes them perfect for use in the gym, as well as on your commute. The buds are sweat-resistant, so they can handle both your workout and your commute.

Easily turn on and off the earbuds by splitting or sticking them together, and get up to 27 grams of weight for lightweight Bluetooth earphones almost unnoticed.

The bass is the best for lovers of bass with a limited budget, who can’t afford a big-budget earphone. The in-built microphone allows you to make calls easily without worrying about recharging time.

Oppo Enco M32 earphone

These earbuds sound excellent both when you listen to music and receive calls thanks to their in-built microphone. You don’t need to worry about recharging it frequently either – the powerful battery will last up to 28 hours on a single charge.

With the fast charging feature, it can provide 20 hours of music playback in only 10 minutes of charge. It can be fully charged in only 35 minutes because it uses the latest Type-C method.

  • Great sound quality
  • Deep bass
  • Hands-free calls
  • Solid, lightweight build quality
  • Perfect fitting
  • IP55 splash proof body
  • Magnetic Power Control
  • Up to 28 hours battery life
  • Fast Type-C charging
  • 1 year warranty
  • Noisy in full volume
  • No LDAC
  • Pain after using it for long hours

Bass Quality: 3.9/5


Oppo Enco M32 Full review

7. boAt Airdopes 441 TWS Ear-Buds (Amazon’s Choice)

Boat TWS 441

Do you want to get rid of wires? Are you looking for the best bass earbuds at the lowest price?

If yes, boAt airdopes 441 is eligible for it. These true wireless earbuds throw boomy & thumping bass, thus a good friend of bass heads.

These beautiful pair of earbuds are ergonomically & aesthetically designed to fulfill the need of every music lover by offering extraordinary style with sports-centric, secure fit hooks.

It is IPX7 rated for resistance against water & sweat to provide care-free listening.

Every single boAt wireless earphones is useless until you have a massive battery backup. When it comes to boAt Airdopes 441, it helps to stay plugged into Nirvana for up to 5 hours of sound per charge. In addition to this, you get an additional 14 hours of playtime with the carry cum case charge.

boat airdopes 441 true wireless earbuds

Each earbud has a 35mAh battery, which delivers 5 hours of playtime per single charge. You can keep the earbuds inside a large 500mAh power case to charge them. Also, having charged for 10 minutes, you get up to 35% battery.

  • Premium Lightweight Design
  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Up to 25 Hours of Battery Life
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Latest BT v5.0
  • Capacitive Touch Controls
  • Sporty Ergonomic Design
  • IPX7 rated Splashproof
  • Instant Wake N’ Pair
  • Voice Assistant
  • Stereo Calling
  • Type-C Charging
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fair Noise Cancellation

Verdict: boAt TWS 441 is in good books when it comes to bass quality at an affordable price. Not only this, but the huge battery backup, decent audio quality, waterproof design & secure fit keeps you one step ahead. Above all, you get rid of wires from your life forever, that too at such a low price.

Bass Quality: 3.8/5

  boat 441 full review

   check price at amazon

8. boAt Rockerz 330 Bluetooth Earphone

Rock on with boAt Rockerz 330! This high-performance neckband with Bluetooth is IPX5 sweat and water resistant, so you can use it for the gym or running. Its ergonomic design is comfy to wear and its unique dual pairing function lets you switch between listening to music and taking calls.

boat rockerz 330 wireless neckband earphone

This sweatproof earphone has a three-button remote that lets you skip tracks, adjust volume, or take calls without needing to reach for your phone.

The 10mm dynamic drivers provide clear highs and lows, while the deep bass makes your music explode. You get amazing HD sound quality with Rockerz 330, so go ahead and jam it to your heart’s content!

However, its noise cancellation ability is not that good. The battery capacity of 150 mAh gives playtime of 30 hours on full charge and it has a Type-C charger for charging. Hence, a full charge cycle covers your music & call needs for at least 3 days. ASAP charging gives 4-5 hours of playtime upon 10 minutes of charging.

Overall, this is an amazing wireless headset for people who are looking for a good neckband earphone with excellent bass under 2000 rupees in India.

  • Neckband earphone with Bluetooth v5.0
  • In-ear design with metallic touch control panel
  • Ergonomic design for best comfort
  • IPX5 waterproof & sweatproof
  • Dual pairing
  • boAt signature sound
  • Hands-free calls
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • 10mm dynamic driver for blissful bass
  • Up to 30 hours of playtime
  • 150 mAh battery
  • ASAP charging with the Type-C charger
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Noise cancellation
  • Can’t use it when the battery level goes below 20%
  • No magnetic on/off feature

Bass Quality: 3.7/5



9. Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Earphone (Cheapest)

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Earphone

Boult audio ProBass delivers incredibly high-quality HD high-resolution audio. The presence of micro-woofer drivers provides crisp deep bass for bass heads, crystal clear highs & stable midst.

Made in the USA, the Boult ProBass Bluetooth headset offers an 8-10 hours marathon battery for every charge. It takes 1-1.5 hours to get fully charged with 2 days of standby.

With off-axis magnetic technology, the oval-shaped earbuds tunnel the sound directly into the ear canal, providing noise isolation as well.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones

I was not expecting it, but the Boult ProBass headset comes with a magnetic housing feature. With the premium & durable magnet, both the earbuds attach when not in use. This also prevents the issue of tangling b/w wires.

This also cancels out the noise in any environment. The built-in mic helps you out with hands-free calls & accessing various voice assistants. The inline button control is there to ease your life with full control over music & calls.

  • 8-10 Hours Battery Life
  • Off-Axis Magnetic Technology
  • Magnetic Housing
  • Neckband Design
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Deep Bass
  • Crisp HD audio
  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  • Inline button controls
  • IPX5 rated Splashproof
  • Voice Assistant
  • Hands-free calls
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Old Bluetooth version

Verdict: If your priority is to get a wireless earphone with decent bass under 1000 rupees, the Boult ProBass headset may be useful for you.

Despite the low price, it has all the essential benefits, be it waterproof design, magnetic housing, noise cancellation or voice assistant support. You will get the full worth of your money with it.

Bass Quality: 3.7/5

   check price at amazon

boult probass full review   

Conclusion | Best Wireless Earphone For Bass

We have just reviewed the 9 best Bluetooth earphones for bass in India in 2022. We have seen what other factors must be kept in mind while choosing the best bass wireless earphones in India.

By now we must have cleared all your doubts in choosing the best Bluetooth earphones for bass.

If you would like to know our choice regarding earphones with the best bass in India, we would say, go for Sony WI-XB400 or OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 Both of them have a lot of features, apart from being master in the field of deep/heavy bass.

If you need a pair of best bass Bluetooth earbuds,, consider going after Jabra Elite 3 Earbuds OR Sony WF-XB700 (if you’ve the budget).

At least you will never have any complaints regarding the bass. User reviews say it all (greater than 4.0). If you’re looking for the best bass headphones, go for boAt Rockerz 510.

Happy Listening!

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I didn’t find my choice. Show me the best Bluetooth earphones under:

  1000   2000   1500   3000   5000

  best sports earphones

   truly wireless earbuds

  noise cancelling earphones

  best neckband earphones

Best Bass Headphones-

1. boAt Rockerz 510 (Amazon’s Choice)

boat rockerz 510 wireless bluetooth headphones

boAt Rockerz 510 is an on-ear headphone made up of faux leather & Aluminium. Equipped with Bluetooth v4.1, it operates in a range of 10 meters. Not only via Bluetooth, but you can use it as a wired headset with the help of an AUX cable.

Rockerz 510 headphone is made up of perfectly processed Aluminium plates which look like premium headphones. The foam inside the earcups adapts to your ears with the right pressure, ensuring great comfort & delivering authentic sound.

The softness of the faux leather on the ear pads makes it pleasurable to wear. Weighing just 231g makes it a lightweight headphone.

boAt Rockerz 510 Sports Headphone

Packed with a massive 400 mAh battery, one can enjoy 10 hours of seamless music/calls. The 50mm dynamic driver in it helps to produce the deep legendary bass, for which it is known.

It takes 3 hours for full charge & standby time is up to 180 hours. You can charge it via the charging cable that comes with the box. We can say, boAt is offering much more than expected that too under 1500 rupees.

If you are a boAt fan, then you must be aware of boAt signature high definition sounds. In boAt Rockerz 510, the combination of their signature sound along with super extra bass & treble performance.

Not only that, but the boAt has designed a 50mm dynamic driver that is ready to deliver a massive bass you can’t imagine at all.

Even coming with a low price tag, boAt has left no stone unturned to give the industry the best bass & clear audio quality. During phone calls, it is crisp & clear.

  • Heavy & Industry’s Best Bass
  • Huge 400 mAh battery with10h backup
  • boAt Signature HD Sound with Clear Audio
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Smart Control Board for Call/Music Management
  • Premium Design
  • Wired+Wireless Connection Support
  • Stylish & Sturdy
  • Noise Cancellation good but not great

Verdict: While the bass with HD signature sound makes it good to go, the noise isolation is just average. The battery life is above expectations even though it takes 3 hours to charge. I can say that you can’t expect more out of it with the price of about 1500, that too from boAt.

If you are a bass lover, there is no second choice in this budget since it is a powerful bass headphone. Further, the other features make it ideal to have in your shopping cart soon.

Bass Quality: 4.1/5

boat 510 full review   

   check price at amazon

2. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphone (Amazon’s Choice)

infinity jbl glide 500

JBL is known for its supreme sound quality with a pocket-friendly budget. When it comes to deep bass, they have launched the Glide series for it. In the JBL Glide 500, there are dual-equaliser modes for normal & deep bass output & precise notes.

It is capable of delivering massive bass with deep high & clear lows so that you can enjoy your playlist to the fullest.

The overall HD sound quality is decent in every aspect, be it music or hands-free calls. The Glide 500 is made up of PP material, optimized for comfort, style & convenience.

The rotational pivot allows you to fold it & keep it inside your pocket. The soft ear-cushions are designed to rest on your ears without hurting them.

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphone (Amazon’s Choice)

With a battery of 200 mAh, JBL Glide 500 delivers up to 20 hours of playtime under optimum settings. Not only this but charging time is also as low as 2 hours.

So from now on, the battery life is never going to stop you from seamlessly enjoying the playlist.

The smart button controls placed over the earcups make your life easier by providing control over music & calls. JBL Infinity 500 allows you to connect to any device via wireless Bluetooth streaming. It also supports Voice Assistants as well.

  • Dual equaliser mode for normal & deep bass
  • HD Audio Quality
  • 20 hours playtime (200 mAh Battery)
  • Lightweight & flat foldable design
  • Earcups with soft cushions
  • Wireless BT streaming
  • Hands-free calls
  • Volume control buttons
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Above-average noise cancellation

Verdict: If you’re looking for heavy bass wireless headphones with other essential benefits in it, JBL Glide 500 is the first option you should be looking for. Not only the bass, but HD audio quality, comfortability, huge battery backup & voice assistant support steals the show.

You can connect it to any BT device via wireless streaming. At this price point, you have nothing to lose when it comes to a 1-year warranty! Just go for it & dive into the world of massive bass…

Bass Quality: 4.0/5

   check price at amazon

3. Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone | Bluetooth Headphones With Bass

Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

We always repeat in every post, that boAt is the market leader when it comes to sound systems. When it comes to manufacturing wireless headphones with the best bass, they have left no stone unturned.

Every product competes with each other. boAt Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Headphones is one such offering.

Starting with the bass itself, its 40mm drivers provide HD clarity sound with super heavy bass. The audio quality during calls & music is superb and unmatchable. Super extra bass is commendable & ear-pleasing.

13 wireless Earphones under 2000 INR

The passive noise cancellation technology puts the whole world into mute. Just enjoy your presence with your favourite artists. The round & soft isolating earcups do this job very well. Its wireless range is up to 10 meters.

Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Coming to the most important part, the battery. Enjoying 8 hours of music is super achievable along with 100 hours of standby. Now start your day with a full charge & ready to rock your ears the whole day, be at work or a night out.

Other features include the dual-mode, by which you can use boAt 400 either wireless or wired. The AUX cable makes it wired when the wireless connection is not possible, like- your laptop. Does not matter the connection type, the sound property remains the same!

The presence of easy access controls over the earcups lets you manage the phone calls & music. Now you don’t have to take your phone out of the pocket whenever your phone rings loud. Just answer/reject it via ear controls. Further, the feather-light design will never let you feel that you are carrying it.

  • HD clarity sound with superb bass
  • 40mm drivers
  • Wired+wireless connection
  • The built-in noise cancellation feature
  • Compatible with all laptops/mobiles/tablets
  • 8h of battery life, 100h of standby time
  • Easy call & music management via earcups
  • Feather like lightweight design
  • Material quality
  • Noise cancellation could have been better

Verdict: boAt Rockerz 400 is truly a remarkable product. Talking about the bass, the combination with the HD sound quality is superior. You can use it via both wired and wireless technology. The battery is also decent to cover your whole day.

However, the material quality & average noise cancellation may disappoint you a bit. But overall, other big brands will never offer you such several features at this price point, So just go for it as it is one of the best headphones for bass!!!

Bass Quality: 4.1/5

   check price at amazon