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We have been live since October 2019, helping our visitors choose the best Bluetooth headsets, earphones & earbuds.

We unbiasedly review products available on e-commerce platforms and review them, providing the pros & cons so that you can make a worthy decision. Taking care of your money is our utmost priority and that’s why we have launched this platform.

We’re a team of experts who love helping people troubleshoot their Bluetooth gear. Whether it’s earphones or earbuds, we’re here to help. We’ve written guides for buying Bluetooth earphones, comparisons of different brands and models, and even troubleshooting tips for when things go wrong. We hope you find our content helpful!

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Hi, I am Vijay, founder of BBE. My interest towards music compelled me to start this blog where I write about audio gadgets (mainly earphones), & help people to troubleshoot any problems they are facing.