5 Reasons Why You Should Switch from Wired to Wireless Earphones in 2020

Should Switch from Wired to Wireless Earphones

To switch or no to switch from wired earphones to wireless earphones is one of the most ferociously debated topics.

Though wire earphones have reigned their supremacy in the market for a long time, wireless earbuds are now making their presence known.

With more and more people switching from the traditional earphones to the latest Bluetooth headphones, they are no longer outsiders trying to make their way into the inside circle.

If you are one of those who can’t decide whether you should make the switch, here are some solid reasons that will give somethings to consider.

Convenience & Comfort

This point alone can make you want to shift from wires to the freeing world of wireless connection.

Imagine jamming to your favourite music on your laptop and a work call comes in, now with wired earphones, you’ll have to switch from your laptop to your phone manually.

But if you have Bluetooth earphones then you wouldn’t even have to press button forget about plugging the wire – the switch would be automatic as they support secure dual connection.

Wireless earphones go a long way when it comes to convenience. No wires mean nothing holding you back.

You can hit the gym, go for runs while managing calls or enjoying your music on the go without worrying about the awful wire jerk.

bluetooth earbuds

The Bluetooth connectivity lets you leave your phone (up to a few meters) and enjoy your music or take calls while you move around freely.

What’s more, you can control calls and volume, change tracks and activate your preferred assistant with just a touch or press of a button without taking your phone out even once.

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Better Sound Quality and Overall Experience

Earlier wired earphones were considered to deliver the best audio quality and most audiophiles would swear by them. But that’s no longer the case.

With the rapidly evolving technology, wireless earphones have started out-performing their wired counterparts.

APTX codec, along with advanced chipsets, is taking care of just that. Plus, over the years, these wireless earphones have improved their latency timing, becoming a hot favourite among gamers.

Stay with the Trends

This is another argument on why you should switch from wired to wireless earphones. If you are a tech enthusiast then there is nothing like wireless beauties to get you excited. Improved technology and stability, better sound quality and battery and incredible looks, the best wireless earphones cover just about everything.

Should Switch from Wired to Wireless Earphones

Additionally, with more and more smartphone brands getting rid of the earphone jack with every new launch, soon there would be a time when wired earphones will prove to be useless.

Truly wireless earbuds are compatible with most operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about changing your earphones if you change your phone.

Plenty of Variety to Switch from Wired to Wireless Earphones

What is the one thing that wireless earphones have that wired earphones don’t? Variety.

With wired earphones, we have wires catering with no specific feature for its diverse audience. This is where wireless earphones differ; they are designed to keep the user’s lifestyle and preference in mind.

From sports or fitness enthusiasts to audiophiles to swimmers to those looking for Bluetooth earphones just for everyday usage, wireless earbuds cater to everyone with their USPs.


Last but certainly not the least, with growing competition, wireless earphones are competitively priced, leaving you are spoilt for choice provided you know what you are looking for and get the best deals. But at the end of the day, you get full worth against what you have paid for.

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