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BestBluetoothEarphone.com is the ultimate destination for all your music earphone needs. Are you fed up with the problems with wired earphones? Do you hate the ear-pain and third-class sound quality encountered by your wired headset? If yes, then it is the right time for you to switch to a Bluetooth enabled wireless earphone.

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Advantages of Bluetooth Earphones- infographic
Benefits of Bluetooth earphones – Infographic

Buying Guide

1. What should I look for when buying Bluetooth earphones?

  • Fitting & build quality

This is the first and foremost thing you must investigate before buying any Bluetooth earphones in India. With the nice fitting, you are able to listen to the music for long long hours without any ear pain or frustration.

Furthermore, a great fitting earphone is best for workouts or running as they never fall apart from your ears. On the other hand, if you accidentally buy a wireless earphone that is not that good in fit, then it will cost your comfort, no matter how great the sound quality is.

At the same time, build quality is crucial to ensure durability. If the build material is good, then rest assured that your Bluetooth headset will last longer.

My suggestion is, always go for ergonomic design wireless earphones for better comfort & fit.

  • Battery backup is a must

Suppose that you buy a wireless earphone that lasts for just 2 hours or so. It will completely ruin your music time as we’re unable to provide battery backup as per expectations. The battery backup must be delivered for at least 6 hours when on music & at least 4 hours while on calls.

Also, you should check if there is a charging case with earphones or not.

  • Sound quality & mic

Sound quality is the most crucial part as it is the building base of any Bluetooth earphone. Some earphones usually deliver terrible sound quality. Always look for HD stereo sound. If a brand (such as -boAt, JBL) provides their signature HD superior sound, then there’s nothing to worry about at all.

Secondly, the mic is an important factor for hands-free calls & operating voice assistants like- Google, Siri etc. Beware as some wireless earbuds do not come with an inbuilt mic & you should avoid them as much as possible.

  • Noise cancellation – not recommended if not for your use

Active noise cancellation serves the purpose of blocking out any unwanted noise during playtime so you can only listen to music.

However, fewer wireless earphones come with effective noise cancellation.

If you strongly believe that this part is a must, then do research perfectly before a buy. If not, you are ok with it.

  • Sweatproof

Being sweatproof designed Bluetooth earphones is a must if you go to work out with them. Because in an IPX rated wireless earphone, it has the capability to soak all the sweat and you can focus on your workout.

If you get caught in rain, then such earphones do not suffer much. I recommend you to have this feature in your demand as it is very useful and most of the models come with it.

  • Price

You are not getting a good deal if you pour all your bank balance just to have a BT earphone with features you don’t want. Make a wise decision and have your priority list ready.

What do you want in your Bluetooth earphones? Noise cancellation, waterproof design or mic?

After that, look at what price you are getting all the features you want. You will never pay extra.

  • User reviews

Last but not least, user reviews play an important role in making the decision.

We have always provided our visitors with user reviews so that you can save time. Look for what users say about one’s sound quality, battery, noise cancellation etc.

In short, always go for a Bluetooth earphone that has an overall rating of no less than 3.8

These are the most important factors you should look into before you buy.

3. Which brand is best for wireless earphones?

  • boAt
  • Sony
  • OnePlus
  • JBL
  • Samsung
  • Apple

4. Do wireless headphones last longer than wired?

Of course, as there is no deal with those wires, which used to get damaged after a few months. Coming to the battery, it requires charging for just a few minutes.

So, Bluetooth earphones deserve to last longer as compared to wires ones.

5. Are Bluetooth headphones dangerous for your health?/Are wired headphones safer than Bluetooth?

To date, there is no proof by scientists that they can claim health issues caused by Bluetooth waves. Wireless towers also produce EM waves, but medical science has failed to prove anything questionable. So, don’t worry about such things.

Hope we were helpful enough to hunt for the best Bluetooth earphones in India for you.